Wrapped up in fur and animal print

Hello lovelies! How's things with you?

The weather forecast for this weekend is for freezing temperatures and snow, hence this wintery outfit of the day. I'm so pleased that I've got a chance to wear this fabulous fun fur swing coat again. It's been a long term favourite of mine, getting dragged out year after year for the past two decades and yet it still looks on trend. Animal print seems to be forever in fashion (thank goodness) and today I'm mixing snakeskin and leopard print for a rich bit of pattern play.

The glamorous look is enhanced by the big coat collar, turned up against the wind in true Hollywood style! There's no way you can play down a look like this, is there?

I added these jumbo pearls (very old, from Debenhams) along with my white and black dappled Quay Australia sunglasses to ramp up the glam factor, finishing off with two rather ancient rings to tie in with the colour of the dress.

You'll have no doubt seen this dress before on the blog. It's a classic shape that hangs so nicely and is very flattering. I bought it online from the Topshop sale nearly two years ago now. I changed the matching belt for this white stretch one that I found in a charity shop. It's one of those frocks that always earns me compliments.

The shirtwaister is a dress that never seems to go out of fashion either and the sharp pleats makes the dress a surefire winner. 

The moss green sock boots are from Zara, maybe three years ago. I love the funky angle of the silver heels.

This swing coat was born to swing!

And that's about it for another week! I'll add some photos of the sewing project for those of you who might be interested. I've created a mix and match look so that I can keep ringing the changes. Yesterday my sewing machine was playing up and if I were experienced enough I'm sure I would have coped much better. Instead I was like a crazy dervish by the end of the afternoon and all because I wanted to finish it so that I could have today off. 

I maybe ought to have taken these photos before I'd lounged about on the top of these cushions for a couple of days. 

I'm sure I've missed a few permutations but you get my gist!

Anna x



  1. You have been very busy and creative. That dress is really good and those boots!! You always wear fantastic boots!

    1. Thanks Nancy. Likewise you always wear fabulous boots too!

  2. Wow, I love your mix and match cushions, Anna! They are so fun and colourful!

    Your outfit is fabulous - and that is a classic "jammy" dress for sure. I agree, faux fur animal print coats NEVER go out of style. This one is certainly timeless. Love the sock boots, with their angled silver heels! Very Fluevogian!

    1. Thanks so much Sheila! My son bought me another similar jammy dress for my birthday which will be making its debut soon...

      You have no idea how I long for a pair of authentic Fluevogs - I fear that they are way beyond my means however :(

  3. Wow, you look ultra glamorous Anna. That coat is to die for. The pattern on your dress is perfect with the animal print ...it’s very Hollywood glam with those unusual boots. Definitely a favourite of mine.

    Wishing you a good week ahead with your sewing. I’m impressed.
    I can imagine that your sofa will look beautiful when complete, as your eye for pattern, colour and texture is evident here as well. X

  4. So very kind of you Phyllis, thank you!

    Hopefully I'll achieve a bit more on the sewing front this week.

    Sending you very best wishes x

  5. I love what you have done with the sofa cushions! They look so nice!! The outfit looks brilliant. Whenever I see stretchy boots like that, I automatically think, "Anna boots!"

    1. I love to think that I have my own type of boots Kezzie!

      The sewing continues with chairs next... x

  6. You rock this fab outfit! Love these mixed animal prints and the hollywood glamour vibe, looking so elegant!. Your dress is a fab piece!
    Great job on these cushions, your sewing looks really well done!

    1. Thanks for your positive comments sweetie.

      I'm still sewing this weekend, but don't mind at all as the weather is terrible x


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