Faux leather February, our Style Not Age challenge

Hello again!

Yes, here we are on the last Monday of the month showcasing our monthly style challenge for you. Jacqui has come up with Faux leather February and in accordance we're all dancing to that tune. So let's see what the lady herself has to offer shall we?

Jacqui wears new faux leather culottes in chocolate brown with cream coat and boots for modern look. The sunflower pattern shirt is a spring inspired addition. See more on Mummabstylish

Emma's nod to the theme are the cute puff sleeves of her fitted top. The all black outfit is complimented by the orange check of the skirt and orange handbag. Catch up with her on the Style Splash blog. 

Hilda sports a faux leather bomber jacket with her flared jeans for a rock chick look. To see more of her casual weekend style see Over The Hilda

Gail's faux leather ensemble is a zingy combination of black and green, which reminds me of a post I did last year (see here). Her take on the challenge is classy with a stylish edge thanks to the fabulous pop of pink. See her back story on Is This Mutton.

My spin on faux leather had me delving deep into my wardrobe to find these pre-loved yet unworn leggings. The peplum top (also pre-loved and unworn) proved to be a cute pairing inspiring this awe-shucks pose. A peplum does that to me, encouraging me to forget my age and act out that cutesy alter ego. Cringe-worthy perhaps? Then cringe away!

The sheer floral top cost me all of £2.50 about 3 years ago and has been stashed away ever since. I can't bear to pass up a bargain, but only if the colourway is one that will work for me. The autumn colours are definitely ones that suit me and I knew that at some stage this would be a useful top. Now that I've worn it once I can see it will be diverse enough for another spin later.

I wanted to ramp up the retro vibe and choose this vintage necklace (a wonderful charity shop find from Feb 2020) to pair with my Quay Australia sunglasses. I was really pleased with how this came together.

My rings are in keeping with the pre-loved theme and you'll recognise my much worn patent leather boots from Topshop. 

I'll leave you with this final bit of flouncing around. I did actually have another version of faux leather in quite another vein which I'll share with you soon - a much more robust take I'd say... I do hope you've enjoyed this month's challenge and ask that you take a moment to read the back stories from my style buddies.

Wishing you a great week!

Anna x



  1. This is a super-cute outfit, Anna! I love the faux leather leggings worn with the tunic-length top. And what a fun pattern that is! You are really digging deep for some still-as-yet-unworn clothes in your closet! Well done!

    I don't know if I own any faux leather...most of mine is real leather!

    1. I must admit Sheila I did have a bit of a struggle finding some faux leather as most of mine is real too!

      Have a fab weekend x

  2. I rather like this look on you Anna, it works well and the top is one I'd wear in a heartbeat. Looking forward to hearing what next months challenge is. Have a super week. Jacqui x

    1. I have culotte envy for those chocolate brown beauties Jacqui! Another great challenge - well done you!

  3. Flounce away Anna..I love the look on you. But then you wear everything beautifully and always with a quirky edge.x

  4. Lovely outfit!, you rock in these faux leather leggings!, and the tunic-blouse has such a groovy print and colours and lovely retro vibe. And your accessorizing is brilliant, the necklace is particularly perfect and love the way your sunníes enhance the yellow in the blouse!, so cool!

    1. I had reservations about this challenge to begin with, but once I started gathering the elements together it was great fun to create.

      Cheers for you generous comments as always darling x

  5. This is such a cute outfit! Love the floral top ad faux leather leggings together.

    1. I had to dig deep in my closet to come with this combination, but I must admit I do love it too x


  6. Gorgeous colours in that top Anna. I love faux leather; those leggings suit you beautifully.

    1. Very kind of you Phyllis, thanks!

      Hope you're keeping well sweetheart x


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