Mustard and fuchsia - a sunny combination

Another spring like day, hurrah! I may be obsessed with the weather, but I think that comes from living on on island with no cars, therefore we're always steeped in the depths of what mother natures sends our way. This week has been mostly wet and windy, so this sunny day was all I needed to get dressed for a brisk walk around the island.

This mustard wool coat was a purchase from TK Maxx a couple of years ago and has been a firm favourite ever since. It's like a cuddly teddy bear and really has that snuggle factor. Worn over jeans it's a lovely casual look. The jeans are rather ancient - snow wash denim was maybe an 80's fashion - but were an amazing bargain at the time of purchase, only £1 in sale rail in charity shop in Exeter and are still going strong.

The view behind me is pretty stunning isn't it? The vista is looking down Tresco Channel out towards Cromwell's Castle and the big blue yonder. 

The handbag is another preloved purchase, this time from my shopping trip to London in 2019 - gosh that seems like so long ago now!

I was trying out my new tripod for these photos. It's a flexible tripod that takes phones or cameras. I was able to prop it up on uneven surfaces such as the granite wall and the grassy bank. I've since used it wrapped around my bicycle basket and even moulded around a rock when I was making a swimming video (see that here). 

I've not worn fuchsia with mustard before and must admit I rather like it. The cashmere polo neck sweater is from M&S. It's soft and fluffy and toasty warm so what more could you want? The buttery soft leather gloves are a great match. Jamie bought them for my Christmas. The sunglasses are by Quay Australia.

The jazzy little handbag is not only cute but roomy enough to hold my tiny new tripod so that's a bonus. My white patent leather boots are by Besson and were from TK Maxx. My Christmas wishlist was an absolute winner for me this year meaning that I had lots of lovely new things that I really, really wanted.

These photos explain my late posting today. Regulars will know that I normally post on a Friday, but I've been a bit obsessed with my sewing project and couldn't stop until I got this far. I have another chair to do next...

I'll be back again on Monday with our Style Not Age challenge so please do swing by for that.

                                                                                             Anna x



  1. Your chair reminds me of ,,money for nothing, where they make such gorgeous furniture from old tired ones. Aren't you looking forward to spring! I love spring and I'll bet your is amazing then!

  2. Unusual combination of colours Anna, that really works. You continue to inspire me. I’d never have thought to put those two shades together.
    I adore your boots. I have a birthday coming up and might just treat myself to a pair; I love that they have a sheen to them, rather that a Matt finish. Gorgeous!
    Really lovely sewing work too.

    Great post. Thank you! X

  3. I LOVE your cushion covers, Anna! They are so wonderfully textural.

    Pink and yellow of any shades always rock my world. I love the hot pink with the mustard here. Isn't it nice when you get what you ask for? I bet you treasure these new pieces.

    Hope you are well, my dear!

  4. Lovely colours, lovely photos and lovely style!. Love the fab accessorizing, the way your bag ties up everything!. You Rock It!


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