A riot of pattern

Hello again and how are you doing? Was yesterday a big day for you? Did you, like me, reopen your business? Or maybe you braved the rush and went for some non-essential shopping? If so, how was it?

We've had a steady influx of guests arrive on the island within the past 24 hours and they were greeted by the most glorious day. Honestly, the Isles of Scilly were sparkling in the spring sunshine and just couldn't have looked any more beautiful! It was a perfect start to the new season and did feel very special. I had three appointments which was a lovely gentle way to reopen the gallery. Behind the scenes I've got a part-time assistant, Lora, who is doing my admin for me, allowing me to focus on unpacking all the new artworks and deal with the appointments too. It feels like a good balance of the workload so far, hurrah!

Fiona took these shots post-work on Friday - it was great to have her help again. With regards to my tripod and camera debacle, I now have a weight in a bag to use suspended below the camera when I'm out and about on my own and it's quite solid and heavy and feels secure even in the wind. I used the set up on Sunday when I went to the beach and the wind was gusting quite a bit. I used the tripod on both rocks and sand and it was perfectly stable.

I've worn this outfit before, but with a different top and shoes (see here). Going back to see that post I was more than a little envious of my hairstyle some 10 months ago. I've not had a hair appointment since December and I've still got another month to wait until my next one. 

The back view of my mop of hair shows how long it is now. I've had some lovely compliments on my new longer style, but honestly it's driving me mad. My efforts at scooping it up in a scrunchie or scarf aren't in the least bit flattering, so I just have to keep it super clean and conditioned to make it look okay.

Anyway, back to the outfit. The joy is in the wonderful mix of prints. Fiona remarked that she would never have thought of pairing the two florals together, but agreed that they really worked. They're not the same colour exactly, but tonally they tie in beautifully. The fact that they are both in a silky satin fabric ties them together too. I'm already planning on wearing it again this week as it's a new favourite. The trousers were from TK Maxx and the blouse was a charity shop find. Sasha gave me the jacket as a Christmas gift a couple of years ago - she know's what I like eh?

My checked Converse boots add a playful element to the outfit. 

The statement necklace by Topshop has all of the right colours in it to work here too. The floral rings echo today's theme. And of course, my sunglasses are by Quay Australia.

The majority of my weekend was spent doing my seasonal clothes changeover. I've done a kind of half way house thing this year, bringing some pieces into my wardrobe and others are in big plastic boxes waiting for the warmer weather. We're still having cold winds here at the moment and despite the sunshine it's not exactly warm as yet. 

I've kept a lot of sweaters and cardigans to hand and lots of short jackets too for layering up.

I'll show you the other side of my wardrobe when I've brought out my summer dresses and sandals. For the moment I'm keeping my boots in circulation until I feel ready for that bit of swapping - the gallery is always cold in the morning, but if the sun shines it can be like a greenhouse in the afternoon. I'll be bringing spare footwear to work so that I can change if it gets too hot.

I'll leave you with some shots from the weekend. As I said, the islands are looking beautiful at the moment.

Thanks for dropping by. See you again soon!

Anna x



  1. Anna, your pattern mixing is top-notch! I love those amazing trousers with that fabulous top - you can see what great fabrics they are. I'm not 100% sold on the jacket with it all (you went to 11!), but the plaid of the Cons is aces.

    I'm so glad work is easing back for you, and that you have some help in the Gallery. I'm dreading my office's "everybody back" order - I like my quieter pace!

    We're in for a hot week over here on Canada's west coast - I'm heading out now to see if the rumours of a 17 degree day are true! Wish me luck! Love your gorgeous pics of Scilly. One day, I'll make it over there and raid your closet - oh, did I say that out loud?? Ha! Big hugs, honey!

    1. It's always great to have your feedback Sheila, thank you!

      I was quietly dreading going back to work, but honestly it's surprising how soon we forget what was and become entrenched in what is. My life has become one huge rush and tear as it was before and that seems normal. The masks and sanitiser and customers having appointments is all just ordinary again. And you'll be just the same, I'm sure.

      Honey, if you managed to make it all the way to my door, you'd be welcome to raid my closet xxx

  2. Great pattern mixing Anna, I adore the whole outfit and want that blouse for myself !
    Lovely that you are back to work with support; I’m sure you will enjoy having company too.
    It’s still very cold here in Scotland and my wardrobe changeover has still to happen. X

    1. You're right Phyl, it's lovely to have back up at work and Lora is very good company too. Summer in Scotland takes a long time to come doesn't it x

  3. Springtime here on Cape Cod is iffy as well....no way I have summertime clothes out yet. It's all about the layers.

    1. My outfits always change depending if I'm solely at work or if I have to venture further. Roll on warmer weather.

  4. Hi Anna,

    the island is looking beautiful at any time! I'm so in love...
    Glad to read, that your change from staying at home to be back to the gallery worked so easy. By the way, "easy" is one of my favourite words in english. Easy living it sounds for me light, elegant, happy.
    So back to the outfit. Yo are looking amazing in your pattern mix. And the top of all are the checked chucks. There are the winky eye that say: Hi, I have fun with my doing!!!
    Tomorow my husband and I will receive our first vaccination. Earlier than expected, we are so happy!
    Love from Cologne,

    1. Glad to hear that you like the outfit and yes, the boots are indeed a cheeky footnote, hahaha!

      Work is going fine and on some days it does feel easy. And the weather here is amazing for the moment, giving our new visitors a wonderful joyful holiday that almost feels like summer, hurrah!

      Good luck with your vaccines. My husband was poorly for 36 hours with flu-like symptoms whereas I had a terribly sore arm for nearly a week. Not matter - it's worth it xx

  5. Looking so fabulous in these mixed patterns, you're really brilliant picking these pieces and making them work!. And so fab accessorizing too, these booties are such a lovely detail!.
    Thanks for the photos of your wardrobe, I always enjoy watching the way fashion lovers keep their wardrobes organised!, your rainbow-like collection of sweaters looks so cute!

  6. Thanks for that Monica. Pattern play is one of the most fun ways to dress and really energizes me! I do enjoy putting this kind of outfit together, particularly if I can find a new combination from old items.

    I can report that my sweaters are still in colour order - I hope I can maintain that when life becomes more hectic! xx

  7. So neat Anna, and so many lovely pieces! As always, you wear your patters together so well. Jacqui x

    1. Cheers Jacqui! Oh how I love my pattern play - and you've been having fun with this too I've seen xx


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