Floral midi dress from H&M

Hello again!

How has your week been? I've been really busy at work and honestly the week just seems to have flown by! The stormy weather has meant I've not managed to swim every day, but Fiona and I have wrapped up against the winds and done some lunchtime walking regardless. Checkout my Instagram feed here for my latest reel from the big outdoors on Tresco.

Shopping my closet continues as ever, and hopefully isn't proving tedious for you. This button through midi dress for H&M is very flattering both in colour and style. I love the long, lean fit helping me feel six foot tall. The tiny floral pattern is a riot of colour lending itself to endless permutations of accessories. Today I opted for red as the accent colour.

My old faithful sock boots are also from H&M, many moons ago. The combination of these and the long dress made me feel very elegant and grown up. 

The belt was a charity shop find - a £1 bargain no less! The front half is patent leather and the back is elasticated; a clever way to get a snug fit, eh?

The silver and red beaded necklace was a pre-loved purchase too. The swish sunglasses are by Radley London.

I'm a bit lacking in red rings, so instead opted for the lemon tones in the dress to tie in with these pre-loved pieces.

I braved the day with bare legs, but not without my first application of fake tan. Without it, my pale Scottish skin has a greyish hue! I don't actually fake tan - I use one of those daily tinted body lotions to just take the edge off the glaring whiteness of winter skin. 

Fiona took these shots after work one evening. It was the rush hour along the coastal road incurring a couple of photo bombs from locals Jude and Nick. Little Jude was out practising on his new bike and was uber cute and shy when we spoke to him. 

All photo bombers must, of course, be heckled!

I hope you have a lovely weekend. Do you have anything special lined up? For me, I think it'll be a mixture of batch cooking of meals for the freezer as well as some long overdue deep cleaning of the bathrooms. Such is the glamorous lifestyle of a fashion blogger!

                                                                     Anna x



  1. Oh my gosh, I laughed at that photobomb picture - so funny, Anna! I love this outfit - the sockboots are one of those things I associate with you specifically. I'm not 100% on the dress - the fabric looks cheap. I feel like you have other dresses in this style that are nicer. You still look awesome! Have a rocking weekend, my friend!

    1. Thanks Sheila. I do wonder what I'll do when my sockboots all fall to pieces!

      Have a super week x

  2. Great pics Anna.
    I really like the colours in your dress; it looks ‘easy to wear’ and the red accessories bring it to life.
    I must try some self tan product; I’ve yet to bare my legs this season.

    Enjoy a great trip to the mainland; have fun. X

    1. Cheers Phyllis. I fell in love with this dress when I found it in H&M way back in 2019 - it was one of my first treats I bought myself on my first modelling trip with JD Williams. I really like the red highlights too

      Look out mainland, here I come x

  3. Hey Anna,
    Oh.. I'm bummed the dress is from a past season! And your photobomber looks quite fetching actually, haha


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