Primark trouser suit; a summer gem!

Hello again my lovelies!

May has arrived and for the past little while it's been glorious weather without that dreadful sharp easterly wind. On Friday I braved it in what is one of my favourite summer trouser suits - I say braved it because it's a lightweight summer fabric and wouldn't withstand a chilly breeze. However, all was good and I even managed to do my own blog photography before I started work!

I bought the checked co-ord from Primark two years ago and it's still looking sharp - see it previously here, here and here. I often get asked where it's from and my response is always met with surprise. The unstructured jacket hangs loose without any buttons making the paperbag trousers the focal point of the outfit. 

The button back sleeves and shorter length trouser work well for my build as I like to show some wrist and ankle. My only minus point would be the lack of pockets, especially trouser ones, but on the other hand it was a brilliant purchase at only £30 for the whole suit.

The Karl tee shirt was a TK Maxx purchase about three years ago. You can't go wrong with a white tee, can you? Sunglasses are from Quay Australia.

My gold coloured chain was another Primark purchase. The rose gold watch is by Michael Kors, worn with my wedding ring and a russian three gold ring. Simple jewellery for this clean cut ensemble.

This is a great outfit for running around. I had to pop out to move art from one holiday cottage to another, so I chose practical footwear by way of these white patent finish Puma trainers. The ribbon laces for once aren't my adaptation, but they do add a touch of femininity don't you think?

It's so lovely to have you swing by again today. My readership is looking healthier than ever, so thank you if you're a regular and a very big thank you if you're spreading the word about Anna's Island Style!

                                                                           Anna x



  1. That is a really cute suit, Anna, but what a drag that it doesn't have a single pocket! Imagine a men's suit with no pockets - there would be rioting in the street!

  2. I adore your fabulous suit! Love it paired with white tee and gold accessories!

  3. Hi Anna,
    I too adore your suit and how you style him lately. It's so sympathetic that you again and again change your nice pieces of jewelry, the old ones with history, the bargains and the gifts from your loved ones. I realy like that!
    Sunny but chilly and stormy greetings from Cologne,

    1. Hi Susa, so glad you enjoy my jewellery passion too, thank you.
      Stormy weather here with the odd burst of sunshine - makes it impossible to know what to wear!
      Have you had your vaccine yet?

    2. Yes, thanks for asking. My husband and I had our vaccine (1. shot) at April, 16. (my best birthday present for April 17. yeah I'm 63 too). At May 28. we are ready for the 2. shot and grateful for the science, who give the world a vaccine in such a short time. But we sadly have dull people here (only some but with big and loud mouths) who are against vaccination.
      I'admire the british spirit. They don't moan and lament and go to their vaccination date. Helping oneself and others!
      Hugs to you dear Anna,

    3. I'm so pleased that vaccines are available to you. I keep hearing of European countries being so far behind in the vaccination programme. Hurrah that you've had your first jab. My second one will be about the same date as yours I think.

      Hugs to you too xxx

  4. I love this suit as much as I did the first time I saw it on your blog; it’s very stylish and looks amazing with your Karl Tee shirt.
    Actually, I’d love a Karl Lagerfeld Tee shirt...I can feel an eBay check coming on!

    Enjoy your week Anna. X

    1. I must admit that is my favourite styling so far. The all white look is clean and fresh looking.
      Golly, it's actually years since I went eBay shopping... x

  5. Looks so good on you Anna, love it with the graphic tee shirt. Jacqui x


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