Take four pieces ...

Yay, I'm home again! 

Oh my goodness, how lovely it is to be back on Tresco once again! Four days away on the mainland was quite enough for my first foray in 15 months. Travelling back and forth on Wednesday and Saturday left me with two days of various hospital check up's around which I sandwiched retail therapy involving train journeys to Truro to get to my favourite haunts. 

My major worry had been how it would feel to be thrown into the boiling pot that is mainland life, but honestly it soon became apparent that people were respectful of social distancing and everyone seemed be wearing masks at all of the appropriate times. My fears of feeling unsafe were unjustified and I shall be happy to go off-island again when necessary, although Steve and I have no plans to go away on holiday this year. What about you?

I nipped to the beach on my return on Saturday evening to capture this outfit of four simple items - jacket, dungarees, tee-shirt and pumps. No fancy accessories or even jewellery for this easy weekend look and yet it earned me a couple of compliments along the way. 

The cropped puffa jacket is by Topshop and is a few years old now. It's been a great jacket for winter walking as it fits snuggly up around the neck, capturing the body's heat. The punch of orange is an instant mood lifter too, making it a go-to piece.

And a small drum roll please for this pair of corduroy dungarees. Yes, brand new from the shopping expedition this comes from Enjoy Clothing in Truro. The colour is a bright turquoise, but may look more blue on your screens. I love dungarees for weekend wearing as it signals downtime for me and hopefully to those around too. Don't ask me about work is the secret code when I'm dressed like this.

This is casual dressing at its best - no buttons, zips or poppers to do up and best of all, huge pockets! 

Slouchy and oversized, I can see that these will be weekend favourites very quickly. I have to share a funny story about them though. I was served by a new assistant in the shop; I overheard her being talked through topping up stock and moving things around to make the displays look eye-catching. When I took the dungarees to the till she was great, telling me to wash them in cold water the first time to set the dye. What she ought to have said is to wash them before the first wear... By the time I had returned home from the beach, I went to the loo, only to discover that my legs were bright blue as was the white of my tee shirt! The tee shirt has been washed and is fine now, but my legs needed a good old scrub to get all the dye off!

I bought myself a hairband while I was away as I realised it was still another week until I have my haircut. This orange and yellow one was on half price sale in Boots.

These lightweight pumps are rugged enough for moors and beach walking. The brand is Sketchers, although I fancy I bought them in TK Maxx in Edinburgh in 2019.

I'll be back on Friday with a bit more about my retail therapy. I had to send some of my bags home by freight ship and therefore it may be a little while before I can lay the truth of the matter before you. Suffice to say, I had a lovely time shopping and have no qualms about the big reveal. My shopping ban is over and therefore there was no guilt attached to my purchases. I look forward to catching up with you again on Friday.

Take care and have a great week! 

Anna x



  1. Hooray for going to the mainland, everyone observing distancing and masking, AND for some retail therapy, Anna! I'm excited to see what you got in your treasure-hunt. I often think of you when I'm shopping, as we have a strong intersection of taste when it comes to clothes ("I'm glad Anna isn't here to fight over this with me!" is how it goes in my head, or "Oh, Anna would LOVE this!").

    Your overalls are such a gorgeous bright shade of aqua blue! I'm not a fan of this style on myself (I feel very dumpy in coveralls) but this is such a fun look. It just goes to show that people recognize a creative person, not only from all the outfit details, but from just the colour alone!

    Have a good week, my dear!

    1. We do have a crossover in our tastes Sheila and I'm always flattered that you like something enough to want to steal it. I hadn't noticed that you don't wear overalls/dungarees. These loose ones are so easy to wear that how they look is secondary.

      Wishing you a great week too x

  2. Lime green, orange and turquoise, what a lovely, vibrant shot. I do love your slouchy dungarees and you had me laughing re your coloured legs!
    I have to say that I am really looking forward to seeing your purchases. Quite right that you indulged yourself ! X

    1. Blue legs are not the best colour - I did wonder if that might be how I'll look as an old lady!

  3. Hi Anna,

    a surprising combination, the light blue (on my monitor) of the dungarees (never heard this term before...) and the lime green of the pumps (also new for me, trainers are only with a lacing??).
    Surprising but very eyecatching and convincing! You nailed it...
    Hugs, Susa

    1. This language barrier is a pickle when it comes to describing items of clothing, but it does make me smile too Susa.

      Glad you enjoyed this one x

  4. These look super comfortable Anna. It's those bright colours that make the outfit xx

  5. These look gorgeous! I don't really like dungarees for ME to wear but seeing these might just convert me! Were they very expensive?x

    1. Glad you like them Kezzie. I think they were just over £40. It's a lot when you compare how far that would go in a charity shop, but sometimes I just like a bit of a splurge!


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