Two in five million

So, here's the explanation for my recent absence. Steve and I were two of the five million people in the UK who reported having Covid19 last week. And that's just the five million who reported it, not those didn't. It's alarming isn't it? And yet, this is indeed our new normal where businesses are closing temporarily or paring down their services to accommodate the prevalence of the virus. Tresco, like the rest of Great Britain, is awash with the illness. Steve and I are still at home waiting to show a negative test result or at least feel well enough to return to work. What about you? They say that one in 14 of us has the virus currently so we all know someone who has it. If it's you then I'd say stay home until you're well, keep warm, take paracetamol to control your temperature and pain, drink lots of fluids and suck on ice chips to soothe an inflamed throat.

Today's post is from last month, Mother's Day to be precise, when we went to the beachfront Ruin Cafe at Old Grimsby for lunch. Our table view was pretty idyllic and being indoors meant we were out of the driving Easterly wind too. I had flowers and gifts from my children, including a gift card for TK Maxx, but more of that later. I dressed a la 70's style for my lunch date.

It's been a while since I've worn this flower power jacket by Anja Rock. I remember I bought it when I was in Manchester four years ago on my modelling stint with JD Williams - read all about that here. TK Maxx in the centre of Manchester was a wonderful haven full of all sorts of fashion delights and bargains. See the first time I showcased the jacket here - it was a fabulously bright and breezy post that's worth another look if you missed it.

Steve and I had taken a stroll home through the woods after our leisurely lunch when we hit this golden pool of sunlight. Too good an opportunity to miss, eh?

The heart patterned flares were from Asos, the sweater is totally ancient, and the stone coloured boots of the moment are also from Asos. The observant amongst you may have seen that my pre and post-lunch sunglasses are different, but both are from Quay Australia.

My 70's jewellery collection is all pre-loved charity shop finds. 

My print clutch bag is from Zara and was actually part of the gift packaging of a new blouse, a birthday present from my dear friend Bo in January. See here for that

My boots of the moment are these chunky ecru dreams from Asos. The beautiful Chelsea boots can be found here

So, in between Mother's Day and Covid19, I've been to the mainland again for another health appointment, this time for some pre-cancerous cell removal on my face. The upside was that I went off clutching the lovely gift card and oh my goodness, what a super time I had! Not only did I shop there, but I snapped up some fab charity shop purchases too. 

These beaded sandals were from TK Maxx and the almost matching necklace was a charity shop find, hurrah!

Gradually I'll showcase these and give you the lowdown on where and how much etc, but in the meantime you'll just have to feast your eyes on the pretty colours and textures of my new springtime wardrobe. The fact that I've ousted 32 boxes of clothes and shoes out of the house means that this has been a guilt-free splurge - whoohoooo!

Wishing you a super week ahead!

Anna x



  1. Bon rétablissement Anna!
    J'ai hâte de voir vos nouveaux habits et surtout votre façon d'associer les vêtements entre-eux

    1. Merci beaucoup Vero! Je suis en voie de guérison et je me sens déjà tellement mieux. Avoir beaucoup de nouveaux vêtements est très excitant, tout comme la perspective de créer de nombreuses nouvelles tenues intéressantes.

  2. I’m so sorry you and Steve have Covid. Hoping you are well on your way to recovery. Swooning over your 70’s style outfit. Absolutely fabulous!


    1. Thanks so your good wishes Michelle. Feeling better every day now, both of us.

      Glad you like the outfit x

  3. Sorry to hear that you’ve been unwell, very hard to avoid Covid; it seems to be everywhere and almost unavoidable. Hope you are truly on the mend! x

    What an amazing setting to enjoy lunch at Anna, it’s beautiful.
    I absolutely love your outfit, your jacket is so very unusual, the style, colours and trims.
    It looks great with your flamboyant trousers!

    Very much looking forward to seeing what you do with your latest clothes looks impressive!

    Wishing you a happy week going forwards. xx

    1. Covid is truly amongst us all now and hopefully this will mean we'll achieve herd immunity at last.

      Glad you like my 70's offering Phyllis. And yes, I'll gradually filter these new clothes through onto the blog x

  4. Oh no, you got the Covid! Well, congrats on keeping away from it this long, Anna! I hope you are feeling better. I love your peachy-pinky outfit - it fills my heart with sunshine! I'm so happy you got to have a massive shopping trip at TJMaxx - so fun! I just gave away SO many clothes, and still had 12 giant bags left over that went to the thrift shop as donations. It felt good...and now I can buy more, muahhahahah!

    Take care, my dear friend!

    1. Thanks for your kind wishes Sheila. At least we no longer have to dread catch the virus in our family now - we've all had it!

      That sounds like a huge clear out for you too and yes, it simply makes room for more shopping, hurrah!

  5. Snap I got it twice!!!! Not so bad the second time, but glad it seems to be dying down a bit! Hope you are well on the mend now Anna. Have a super week. x

    1. What bad luck for you Jacqui! At last we feel we can just get on with the rest of our lives now x


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