July and shopping my closet

I'll cut to the chase and tell you that it's not been the best of days today. I've lost a key at work, an important one, although at least not the only one, but lost somehow. Then later at home I couldn't find my best tweezers - completely gone, not in the usual place, not anyplace in fact. But what really confirmed me having a bad day was on returning home after a day of manning the desk, I'd popped upstairs to spend a penny and when I looked at my reflection as I washed my hands I discovered that I'd forgotten to finish my make-up and had spent the whole day wearing only blusher and lipstick! Not a scrap of eyeshadow or a sweep of mascara!! Maybe not earth shattering for you, but I'm one of those women who won't be seen outside without full make-up on. Am sharing all of this with you in case it's part of a gradual decline into something more ominous and a darned sight less funny. Ever the drama queen me!

But this was funny: me enjoying the fact that a cyclist had just managed to avoid knocking Fiona over as she stood in the middle of the road to take my photos. It was a tad risky on her part, but she likes to live on the edge does Fiona! Anyway, on to the outfit of the day, shall we? The jeans jacket is by Bennetton and must be at least 10 years old. I love the colour, plus it's got stretch, and pockets. Pretty much my dream jacket then.

The jumpsuit is one I bought in Manchester 5 years ago in H&M. I've recently made small alterations to it meaning it fits much nicer now. The neckline was previously too wide so I've added some darts in both back and front for a snugger fit. I've added an orange stretch belt to give a bit of definition to what is quite a baggy outline.

Shopping my closet includes my jewellery, so nothing new with rings (pre-loved) or necklace (from Topshop) or even sunglasses (Radley).

My brocade trainers were from TK Maxx many moons ago, the brand is Replay. Super comfy as all of my Replay trainers are, hurrah!

Let me introduce you to Jill who's my latest sewing friend. Jill and I got chatting in the Gallery the other day after she complimented me on my dress. We nattered on comparing stories and then later that day we met up again and this time she was wearing her new homemade dress. The pattern is from the V&A website and the fabric is from Liberty no less. Isn't it fabulous and didn't she do well with the contrasting sleeves and placket!

Jill is here on holiday on Tresco and is a true vision of loveliness! I'm thrilled at how sewing has brought lots of new people into my life already. It was super to meet you Jill!

                                                                                          Anna x



  1. It's so wonderful when we meet someone who hits that sweet spot of stuff we love, isn't it, Anna? I adore chatting fashion and clothes, but so few people here share that with me. Jill's dress is fantastic!

    I love your H&M jumpsuit, and well done on your alterations, which are perfect. I admit, I laughed when you realized you forgot to put on the rest of your face! I'm one of those women who also rarely goes out without her "face" on - I'm conditioned to prefer my face with make-up, it seems. I forget my mascara regularly, and always feel naked without it!

    I hope you find your key - as Master of Keys here at my office, I would be in a pickle if I lost my set of keys (which open all doors, drawers and cabinets). And I'm sure your tweezers will turn up - did you ask Steve? Maybe he used them to trim his nosehair (this is the sort of thing L might do, lol).

    Lovely to see you and hear your voice, and see your awesome outfit, Anna!

  2. Such a special friendship Anna, I love Jill’s dress…she is clearly very talented.

    Great combination of colour in your outfit, such a vibrant jacket over your jumpsuit. I love the addition of the orange belt.

    You made me smile when I read about your makeup slip-up; especially as someone who won’t be seen dead without their mascara/lipstick, I guess us redheads need colour.

    Hope you find the missing items. I guess they will turn up somewhere when you least expect to find them :) xx

  3. Both of you look very nice, love your jumpsuit Anna. Have a super weekend. Jacqui x


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