My 60's style

Hi there! Are you well? Hope you're doing fine. All's good here, busy of course, now that it's July, but that's as it should be. This was yesterday's work outfit, homage to the 60's, first seen here on my birthday. Bright colours and psychedelic prints were popular in the 60's just in time for me to find my first influences. I cut my fashion teeth on Mary Quant and Pan's People as I grappled with mini skirts, flares, skinny rib tops and fringed waistcoats in suede.  

I love the soft pastel shades of this two piece (from Asos). I've added a simple white vest top and pink stretch belt to the outfit plus my pink and orange cowboy boots to give the look a bit of an edge. See the boots here.

White sunglasses are the ultimate accessory for this 60's look - these are a charity shop find, for the bargain basement price of £3. I remember saving up my pocket money to buy the perfect pair of sunglasses in my early teens, mine had orange frames and I thought I looked fab wearing them.

Steve and I had just returned from a drinks do and so I cashed in on the fact that he was a bit tipsy and asked him to take my blog photos. I plonked myself on our front wall and he clicked away, regardless of whether I was actually in the shot or not! Luckily he captured me a few times.

Necklace is from Zara, this season and rings are both old.

Looking back at my birthday shots you may notice that my hair was a bit shorter. I've decided to let it grow this summer although am still having it trimmed to try to maintain some sort of style. I thought I'd try something longer for a change. What do you think? The wind did make it look a bit scruffy didn't it?

                                                                                Anna x



  1. What a fantastic suit that is, Anna! You look positively 60s, with a modern edge. Those boots are spectacular. Steve did well on the pics!

    I say grow the hair - why not? If you don't like it, cut it off. It will grow back!

  2. Wow!
    Great suit Anna..amazing colours, you look great!
    Why not grow your might love it and decide it’s your best look. Go for it! Xx

  3. I really like your longer hair. I have not visited your blog in recent times and I immediately noticed your longer hair and was going to tell you before you asked. It is very youthful and flattering. Lise

  4. How lovely this suit is Anna, you wear it well and it suits you. The colours are perfect for Summer. Jacqui x


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