When is a suit not a suit?

Well the answer to the conundrum is perfectly simply - when it's your pj's! Yes, this totally glamorous outfit is actually Karen Millen heavy satin pj's, bought recently, brand new with tags, from Vinted. I challenged myself not to share this info all day, regardless of the fact that I received many compliments on the ensemble, and even my husband who's the first to tease me about my outfit of the day didn't spot this.

The key to dressing up your pj's for daywear has to be good accessories and this gold link belt (Primark, old) goes a long way in the transformation. Another must-do is to add a bit of definition by way of the body hugging vest top (H&M, old) as this sharpens up the look too. The long gold necklace again shows this is very much an outfit rather than you making a sneaky dash to the shops in your jim-jams. 

Pockets too, clearly show that this is daywear not slouchy-at-home wear. I love a pocket for that easy-to-wear casual look and this is the ultimate in smart/casual dressing!

Jewellery can be transformational too and mine today leaves no-one in any doubt that this is serious dressing up not dressing down. The rope necklace was a gift from a friend and the two blue rings are both charity shop finds from long ago.

It's not by chance that today's sunglasses work tonally to pull this look together. These are by Radley London.

Pristine white trainers (by Replay) punctuate the look perfectly. Pj's as daywear, worn by Gallery Tresco Manager, with panache, as on Monday.

Footnote: the good news is that I've found my tweezers, also the lost reading glasses I didn't confess to losing at the same time. Note to self, don't tidy things away in new/better places as you'll never remember! The key from work remains lost however, but has been replaced and put on a very large, clunky keyring making it more difficult for me to lose.

And apologies for the late posting this week. Summer is upon us and the juggling of time and work needs are catching up on me. But thank you for coming back to catch up on my news. I've had a little creative moment sewing-wise, not a make as such, more customising something which I hope to showcase soon.  See you soon!

                                                                            Anna x



  1. It looks absolutely fab I wouldn't have known it was pjs! In the 70s I went to a London church wearing an M and S nighty, sat near the front no one batted an eyelid. it did look very like a dress. Wore it on hols in France too. Tessa x

  2. LOVE, love, love that you wore pajamas all day and no one twigged to it, not even Steve! Well-restrained, Anna! I wore a pair of pajama bottoms as outerwear once, and couldn't resist telling everyone, ha ha! You are absolutely correct - the accessories MAKE the outfit. Well done!

    Hope your summer is going well - I know you're in high tourist season, but it will be over soon enough. <3

  3. I’d never have guessed you are wearing PJs..great style and you look fab Anna. Xx

  4. What a fun suit, and I would never have guessed it's PJ's! A lovely versatile piece, I need to get looking for some. Jacqui x


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