The wind doth blow!

At the start of the week I had a bit of a cream and brown thing going on outfit-wise which for that very reason meant it wasn't going to hit the headlines on the blog - way too boring! Come Tuesday morning the pressure was on to find a more upbeat, smile-inducing ensemble to lift my mood as well as to share with you. Enter stage left some winter florals. Winter and florals may be an unusual combination for some, but hey, I think they really work. See what you think...

I've only worn these (New Look) boots once over Christmas (see here) so it's good to find another outfit to work with these. I like the gold tone of the heels and how that picks up the yellow in the flowers. The peplum jacket was a find in a charity shop as was the brand new pink ostrich handbag. My coat comes from Sicily where I found it in a vintage shop (yay!) while we were on holiday. The rings are all gifts and my sunglasses are from Sainsbury's.

I know these bold florals are pretty full-on, but I also think that they're a marriage made in heaven (seemingly mixing our florals is bang on trend this spring too). Both items were sourced from charity shops last year and are from different retailers - the blouse from Next and the trousers from H&M. Each piece obviously works beautifully with a plain partner, for instance I have a baby pink cashmere polo neck that works perfectly with these pants, and likewise I've styled the top with a plain black skirt which worked fine and dandy. But, well, hey, it's just too conservative for me to dress like that every day. Sometimes I like to make more of a statement, like today. 

The wind was blowing furiously as you can tell, meaning my peplum jacket alone wasn't enough even for my short walk to work. But it was no hardship to pull my pink winter coat one more time. Spring may be here (almost) but the fierce wind that continued to rise in the course of the day really kept the temperature down. I managed to escape the worst of the wind for my morning swim by crossing to the other side of the island and heading on to Pentle Bay. New Grimsby bay, where the gallery lies as well as where Polly and I did our shoot, was hammered all day long with hail and rain showers appearing seemingly out of nowhere. 

In the course of the day the view from my office window constantly changes as the tide washes in and out and the brilliant colours of the sea change too according to the sun and cloud cover. At this moment the azure green of the water was highlighted by the contrasting raincloud that was hurtling towards us. Minutes later the brightness was gone, eclipsed by the heavy storm slapping huge dollops of rain against the window. Mother Nature often puts on a display to distract me from my admin!

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Spring is in the air

We are days away from the island being declared open for another season and spring is definitely in the air. Later this month the clocks will go forward and my morning swims will also move forward as I experience the joys of an early start. I love that feeling of anticipation, the excitement of another season ahead with all the new staff and holiday makers changing the dynamic of these small islands once again.

Very soon these blurry photo shoots will become a thing of the past as Polly takes on the role of my photographer for another summer season. Hurrah!

I just love the combination of camo and gold together. 

I'll make no apologies for showing this gold (H&M) sweater again. It made its debut on my birthday in January (see here) and then again last month (as here) which just goes to show how useful it is (thanks Sasha). I've yet to pair it with a skirt so you may see it next month in a new guise. The three quarter length tartan jacket was from Next many moons ago and yet is one of my winter favourites. The gold boots were in the River Island sale a couple of years ago. I'm sporting sunglasses by Quay Australia and my rings are from charity shops.

I have to thank Sasha too for these camo trousers (Primark) which she gave me for Christmas. I'm a bit late to jump on this fashion bandwagon, but you know me, I do things at my own pace. I've worn these on and off for most of the winter. Working alone, seeing so few people within the course of a week, never mind a day, led me to slip into slovenly ways of repeat dressing. These camo trousers and a pair of blue jeans became my uniform with a thermal layer and cashmere polo neck finishing the look, day after day. Comfort seems to drive me more in the winter rather than innovation. But hey, spring is here and I feel inspired, refreshed with new ideas and opportunities to dress up, mix things about and find new outfits within my closet. At the end of the month I'll be breaking my clothes shopping ban (three whole months without buying a thing!) as I head off to the mainland on business. During my downtime, I'll be rooting about in each and every charity shop I come across as well as visiting my most favourite of retail stores, TK Maxx. I can barely contain myself!

My original camo trousers from over 20 years ago. Check out my pixie cut!

Straight ahead is the island of St Mary's, the main island of the Isles of Scilly, and to the left are the tiny uninhabited islands called the Eastern Islands. These small atolls, surrounded by virgin white sands are a perfect escape for the day - all you need is a little boat, a picnic with some long cool drinks and your perfect castaway companion!

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Decisions, decisions.

As you may know, I'm currently on holiday at home and spending most of my time indoors on a huge decluttering mission. Scruffy jeans and trainers aren't really going to inspire you much, so I'm taking a break from time to time to get out into the sunshine and take some shots for the blog. I recently posted this on instagram -

I wrote "When you can't decide which pair to wear" and got a lovely response to help me decide. However, the fact was that I'd already worn the outfit and the shoes for my photo shoot.

The majority of votes were in favour of the navy and silver shoe, as seen in isolation it might look like the best match, but when you consider the total outfit I think the brown and yellow is carrying its weight too. I added a pair of gold lurex socks which tied in with the gold sweater as well as the yellow shoe. But really, it's just a bit of fun and suits my personality too. I like the quirky nature of the look. It's not either or, it's - this is a pair of shoes as I'm wearing them. Odd shoes for an oddball you might say.

And as if to prove that there's no such thing as an original idea, this evening as I was flicking through the March edition of Marie Claire, I came across this -

My progress report on the home front is that the filing cabinet has arrived and is now almost full of newly organised wallets and files; lots and lots of old paperwork has been shredded along the way. I've swapped my sea swimming for two weeks of pool swimming so that I can do an hours practise a day to improve my freestyle. Rolling, breathing, reaching, catching are being broken down into drills to drum each element into my fuzzy head. At the moment when I think about rolling, I forget good (bilateral) breathing. When I concentrate on the breath, then the rolling slips away from me. I have a reference book that takes me through all of the steps to create the perfect stroke, but I do wonder if I'll reach that stage within this timescale. I do hope that I'll be able to see a difference when I get back to the beach.

Outfit details - Leather bomber: Next, gold sweater: H&M, jeans: Zara, tee shirt: Dorothy Perkins, socks: ASOS, shoes: Boden (sold out, but these are fab), sunglasses: Quay Australia.

Anna x


Seemed like a good idea

The other day I had a long walk around the outskirts of the island, stopping here to take in the view and decided that this ruin (The Old Blockhouse) might make a good backdrop for a photo shoot. That day it was sunny and very calm, but when I returned a day later the wind had risen to almost gale force meaning that I had to take cover as best as I could. 

There was a holiday maker walking along the path below the castle while I was setting up my tripod and camera. He probably thought I was crazy, taking off my coat and changing out of trainers into my heels to stand there getting blasted in the wind. It was totally impossible trying to get some decent close-ups as the tripod was wavering about, in danger of completely blowing over in the gusts. I tried to weigh it down with my bag and shoes, but it was all very precarious and a bit of a worry in case my camera got smashed to the ground.

Anyway, it was quite exhilarating to stand on the top, watching the white tops on the sea and the surge of the waves out beyond Men-A-Vaur rock. I wanted to capture that to show you but my battery died just after this final shot. 

I paired up this tweed jacket (charity shopped in December) with my long loved tweed skirt (ancient from TK Maxx) and these leopard print shoes (also from TK Maxx by BCBGeneration - these are rather lovely) and a roll neck which I bought on eBay a couple of years ago. The handbag is crocodile skin and was a charity shop trophy for my last big splurge in Exeter about 18 months ago. Sunglasses are by Quay Australia and my rings are old.

The reason I bought the jacket is for this wonderful gem trim. I love the colourful lining too. Can you guess the brand? It's Next. I was really surprised. You'll no doubt see this again in the Spring - I can't wait for Polly to capture it a bit better than I did!

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Midweek madness

Late November, mid-week, and grey weather all sound like the perfect recipe for a touch of the miseries. But check out what's been lurking in my draft box... Polly and Anna's midweek madness!

This shaggy dress/tunic was featured on recent Ping Pong Post see here. And the blouse/boots combo was featured for the first time here. All together, I think they make beautiful music which is why I can be seen doing a fair bit of shimmying to the Charleston beat.

I sometimes wonder if it's fitting for a woman of my age to be gadding about like this - but then I can't imagine being another version of me either. I work hard, play hard and do enjoy life to the hilt. I'd like to think that this little corner of the blogsphere brings some joy and maybe some inspiration to you lovely ladies who like me are chugging along nicely towards your 60's with a spring in your step and love in your hearts. Do take a moment in your day to express your own midweek madness - you have my full permission! 

Outfit details - dress: H&M, blouse: Next, boots: ASOS, tights: old, bangles and rings: charity shop, necklace: Magpie and Butterfly, rose gold watch: Michael Kors.

My office window overlooks New Grimsby bay, scene of so many beautiful sunsets at anytime of year. Here's one from a couple of days ago for my dear friend Angela to keep her going until her next visit.

Anna x

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