A dog with a bone

Yes, I'm like a dog with a bone currently, and you may well be sick of it soon. It, being my obsession with these sparkly trainers and my quest for the perfect styling of them. The last time I wore them here, I had to chuckle at my lovely friends who all left me comments - mostly about the outfit and how it could be improved rather than about the blessed trainers! So you'll have to forgive me (or move quickly on if this bores you) as I'm going to keep subjecting you to this until I get it right. What right means for me is totally elusive/unknown until it happens. So here's the latest effort with the footwear of the moment.

I'm a bit happier with this version today. I like the metallic of the trousers and trainers echoing each other (the trainers are bronze and brown, so work tonally much better with peach and gold too). I like the tux, blouse and necklace and how they go together. All in all, I'd say this works or at least it's an improvement on last month's offering. I still have reservations. I could do better. 

I'll be back soon with another reprise. If you're not a trainers/runners kinda girl, then please feel free to whizz past, I'll understand. I can't help myself with this obsession, this seeking perfection in all things - terribly tedious for some, I know. I've got to keep at this until it's resolved, sorry!

Before you go, just a quick reminder that Sunday is the 20th, and for me that's #PPP or Ping Pong Post day. Samantha and Ann will be joining me with a an eye-popping pink offering for your delectation. Hope you're come back to see it!

Details - tuxedo: Whistles (vintage), trainers: TK Maxx, trousers: H&M, blouse: charity shop, necklace: Dorothy Perkins, gold bangles and rings: charity shop, watch: Michael Kors.
Anna x


Autumn colours

I've never had my colours done, but if I did, I think I'd be autumn. My pale Scottish complexion along with my reddish hair lend themselves to the autumnal hues. Today's get up is ticking all the complimentary boxes and I hope you agree that they all work really well. The backdrop was chosen to be tonally harmonious for this, my first photo shoot this winter without Polly. Tripod, timer and me, let's go!

I'm not really one to wear mini skirts and dresses but by wearing thick cable knit tights I feel less exposed, almost like wearing leggings in fact. The platform boots do wonders for my stumpy legs - another blogger I know claims she has stumpy legs too. When I was a teenager I remember an occasion when I was told my a member of my family, ahem thanks dad, that I have chumffy thighs (chumffy = Scottish description for heavy, chunky). Maybe I was heftier in those days, maybe all the sport I did gave me very pronounced thighs, but whatever, these comments do stick when you're young and insecure, don't they? You might counter this notion with the fact that I'm happy to share photos of myself in my swimsuit, but I'm always conscious of what I think are still chumffy thighs. Call me crazy, that's OK.

I wore this dress for the first time in September see here. The sharp eyed amongst you will see how one wash has shrunk it from being just above the knee to this mini length now. The only way to remedy this was to add the thick tights and it's turned what I thought was a disaster into an acceptable outfit. My final observation has to be along the lines of "Come back Polly, all is forgiven!" The lack of sharp focus and too bright sunshine only serve to highlight what a great job she did for all of those summer months. I'll be mixing up my photos from here on, using some of my own along with the last few that I've held in reserve from the Polly days. I hope you'll all hang on in there regardless of the quality of photography.

Outfit details - dress:TK Maxx, waistcoat: gift, boots: Office, belt: old, rings: old, sunglasses: Quay Australia.
Anna x


As suggested by...Judy

This monthly feature is a great way to say thank-you to a reader who's been in touch. I love to read your comments, to hear what you think about the outfit or to get your thoughts on whatever I've evoked or inspired you to say. Some readers prefer to be less on show and often send me a message by email. Judy has contacted me both ways and you'll see her comments under the name of Marilee in previous posts. During our chats Judy came up with the idea that I feature some tartan as she recalls my very first post where I wore my, rather ancient, red tartan tights as a slightly anxious looking newbie. See that post here. I can't believe I've neglected my heritage for so long and that I have to be prompted to show you the finest of materials from my homeland.

Yes, Polly was still at the helm here, making me erupt with laughter at her constant efforts to stop me talking.

I do hope that Judy is happy with the tartan styling today, but would also like to think that I've not delivered something as traditionally Scottish as she had imagined. Yes, I toyed with the idea of getting my kilt out, and hey it might look fab with this shot of cerise, but the trousers were my first idea, and I'm rather pleased with the outcome. 

Outfit details - jacket: Kate Moss at Topshop (charity shopped), trousers: H&M, blouse: charity shopped, boots: Office, belt: charity shopped, necklace and silver/pink ring : charity shopped, other rings, gift.

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This is my weekend offering for you as I failed to post yesterday and didn't want to keep you waiting until tomorrow. Winter posts may well be a bit fits and starts like this for various reasons - weather, opportunity and of course, lack of Polly. I still have a few outfits waiting my draft box to help eke things out over the next few weeks, but they'll soon be gone. Trying to get out and about in good daylight is the real challenge when I'm at work all week, but I do hope to get a session in today provided the weather improves. It's currently grey and damp as I write this, and I'm going to delay my morning swim until the high tide as it's my day off. Maybe the sun will make an appearance by then. I'll leave you with this shot I took yesterday morning on my way to the beach. The sun was just rising over the Great Pool. Have a lovely weekend and see you all next week! 

Anna x


A birthday lunch

It was my husband's birthday a couple of weeks ago and as usual it proved very difficult to buy a present for him. He didn't want anything, had all that he needed, don't waste your money etc, etc. Anyway, I decided to book a birthday lunch at our local beachside restaurant, The Ruin. I then arranged to bring our daughter home from the mainland to join us as a birthday surprise. This turned out to be the perfect present.

It's not easy to turn up for a surprise lunch when you have to catch a plane and a boat without letting anyone know, but Sasha pulled it off. We spent a lovely couple of hours enjoying the delicious food and drink. The birthday boy was very pleased, if not a bit surprised that we had managed to keep Sasha's arrival a secret from him.

My CK jeans were a lucky find in a charity shop, brand new, and just £4.95!

Sasha did the honours and took a few photos for me. The weather had gone very windy and chilly that day, but luckily the rain held off until we got back from our lunch. My woolly winter coat was a great defence against the cold, along with the cute little gloves that I found last winter in a bargain basket in a charity shop for 0.99p. I thought the satin shirt created a fab partnership with my boots, dressed down with these brand new (perfectly fitting) jeans.

Details - jeans: Calvin Klein (charity shopped), coat: Palermo, shirt: Next (charity shopped), boots: ASOS, bag: Candy bag, Furla, necklace: Magpie and Butterfly, rings: charity shop, belt: H&M. 

Am late posting today, as I spent this morning watching the news from America. I'm still reeling. I can't imagine what it must be like for the country to wake up to this result.

Anna x

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