I'm off shopping!

This may look a bit different to your average shopping trip, but living on an island we lack that whole chuck-it-in-the-boot option.  Hence this cute little shopping trolley to take the strain out of the grocery dash. The guys on the boats are always happy to carry it up and down the quay steps, so life couldn't be more simple!

My piece of the day has to be this gorgeous blouse with pussy-cat bow. I found it very recently on eBay when I was suffering shopper's withdrawal symptoms. As you'll have seen from my blog I much prefer to do old fashioned shopping from a shop. I like to feel the fabric, check out things like stitching and linings, but most importantly try it on. However, sometimes I get the urge to shop and just can't wait until my next trip to the mainland and that's when the vintage section of eBay comes into it's own.

It probably hasn't escaped your attention that the fab yellow jacket has made it's second appearance after only a week. But what else could I have worn with this? It looks made to measure. A boat trip, even on a sunny day, can still be breezy so I had to wear a jacket and this is The Perfect One.

Jacket : charity shop. Trousers : Boden. Blouse : eBay. Sandals : New Zealand. Silver "in heaven on earth" ring : Diana Porter. Multi colour ring : old. Shopping trolley : TK Maxx.



  1. Hi Anna, colour colour and MORE colour....I love it! Right up my street.
    I'm so glad I found your blog, thanks to Catherine @Notdressedaslamb.
    Samantha. XXX


    1. Hi Samantha, it's so lovely to hear from you. Thank you for your comments. Today's post will go down well with you as the jacket is a riot of colours! Am delighted that Catherine has flagged my blog up and now I need to check yours out too.
      Best wishes Anna.

  2. Love this outfit, I'm an ebay fan too. You look fantastic
    Laurie x

  3. Thanks Laurie! EBay is full of all sorts of treasures you just have to spend the time to track them down. Glad you dropped in to look at my blog xx


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