Opening night for our May show

Opening night at the gallery is a special evening for the artists and I like to dress up to honour the occasion. This dress is a real old favourite of mine. Every year, at least once a year, when I'm culling all the excess from my wardrobe I bring this out and try it on. On the hanger it looks really mumsy and the scoop neck is not the most flattering on me, but add a bit of jewellery and hey presto, it's a goer! It's also the perfect dress for when I'm feeling a bit bloaty and hides a multitude of sins (don't laugh, we all have those days).

Dress : Betty Jackson. Tights : Topshop. Shoes : Dune. Necklace : Debenhams. Cuff : charity shop. Rings : old. Hand of Fatima : Noel.

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