Monochrome, a departure from the norm.

This is Appletree Bay, my beach of choice for my early morning swims and you can see why. Over the past year the scene has been even more beautiful thanks to this amazing painting by Anthony Garratt. My photo shoot took place the evening before it was to be taken down and sent off to it's new home on the mainland. 

As a big fan of colours I have to admit a monochrome palette is not a common departure for me. However, I have over the past couple of years come to understand why black and white basics can be strong essentials in a woman's wardrobe. I think I shy away from them as I have quite pale skin and both colours can be quite draining. At this time of year I have a slight tan so can take black against my face a bit easier. This wonderful retro top was a find last summer when I was scooping up armfuls of loot in my favourite charity shop in Truro. I have to bulk buy as my trips are so infrequent, and I am aware that I must look like someone who has just discovered the joys of charity shopping and simply can't stop!

Jacket : Zara. Trousers : H&M. Top : charity shop. Shoes : Office. Rings and bangle : all gifts. Necklace : old.


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  1. Looking forward to seeing the monochrome dress and jacket you picked up in Truro recently.
    From the slightly anxious shop manager!


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