Black trouser challenge 11

Another week, another variation on the black trouser challenge. If you missed the start of this then you can catch the first instalment here

So here we have the 11th styling of my fabulous fancy pants and I thought it was time to go the whole hog with leopard print. In my book, there was a time when this print was very Bet Lynch of the Rovers Return - way be before your time? 

Since then, I think leopard print has graduated into the classics. No longer is it tainted with that slightly seedy influence, but has become mainstream fashion. Hands up out there if you don't have one single piece of leopard print, not even a scarf, in your wardrobe. Why do I think that both my sisters have are sitting at the back with their hands held high and eyes rolling? 

Anyway, I'll skip right along now to the bit where, right about this time of year, I send my apologies to my fellow bloggers and those of you who very kindly take the time to comment here and on my instagram account. Yep, I'm confessing to being over-run at work, home and life generally and am just about keeping the blog on track - apart from the fact that I'm not managing to answer my comments or visit other bloggers. Please know that I have the best of intentions, but have had to make the decision between keeping posting my own blog or doing the rounds to others as well as responding. All of this takes time and I thought it best to keep you coming back to see new features. Hopefully, in about a month's time, I ought to get back on track and do hope that I won't have lost too many followers through neglect. Please hang on in there - I love reading your comments!

Outfit details - trousers: River Island, cardigan: H&M, shoes: BCBGeneration, necklace: gift, rings: old.
Anna x



  1. I have that very same cardigan Anna! It comes out to play every winter and I love it. It brings out the Bett in me!
    As one of your biggest fans you can count on me to be here on your return, Any blogger that works and blogs must understand how tough it is? xx

    1. My girlfriend in Portugal says she too has this cardigan, so I'm in very good company then Laurie! Thanks so much for your understanding and support. I feel a bit feeble saying I'm rushed off my feet, but long days at work after my early morning sea swimming plus keeping the blog on track are taking their toll on me currently.

      Have a good week x

  2. This is such a great look - very classy (not "klassy", lol). Where's Anna?? Where's all the colour? I adore leopard and don't find it chintzy at all - in Canada we have the equivalent of whoever that is: Edith Prickley (Wiki link: I used to get "Edith Prickley" comments all the time when I wore leopard, but no one says boo anymore.

    I think I said this last year, but don't panic about lack of blog visits, comments or readers. This is part of your blog cycle, and we all understand. :)

    1. I do realise that this black trouser challenge has forced me to feature more black than ever before, but hopefully the colour bursts in between are keeping me on track. You know how much I love colour, but it's actually really great to keep trying to work outside my comfort zone like this.

      Thanks so much for your kind words and support - it means so much to me.

      Wishing you a lovely week x



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