Hurrah for summer!

British summer is unreliable at it's best so it pays to have a seize the day attitude meaning wearing this lovely white linen skirt. This is a first for these separates appearing as an outfit. The Boden jacket nearly ended up on eBay last summer as I thought it might never pay for itself (have only worn it two other times so far). However, since giving myself a talking to about Sunday Best I've decided to wear this beloved item. The top likewise has only had one outing as I've been guilty of keeping it aside as it says Special to me. I found it a few years ago when I was on holiday in Ireland with my sisters. It was from the same shop where I discovered the silver Tiffany necklace and oh, how I yearn to go back there for another rummage! I must admit I tend to rate my holidays by how many prize finds I return with and Ireland did have quite a high yield rate. Steve and I went to New Zealand in February and I was delighted to find some loot in Russell which was our first port of call. The trousers I found will be featured on a beach day so do look out for them as they're bright pink and therefore a bit of a surprise purchase for me.

Jacket: Boden. Top: charity shop. Skirt: charity shop. Shoes: New Look. Clutch: charity shop. Blue necklace: Charlie Dodge. Small pearl necklace: charity shop. Flower ring: Dorothy Perkins. Turquoise ring: old. Friendship bracelets: Fiona Petheram and Noel.


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