Orange disco pants

 It was a not-sure-what-to-wear-day that led to this ensemble. The crazy orange disco pants were a purchase a couple of years ago when I'd lost some weight and was pleased to fit into them, a find in H&M. They're stretch satin and something about being in my 50's with a newly slimmed figure brought out the rebel in me - who says I couldn't wear them? Well, two years down the line and this is their first outing, so clearly that confident rebellious gesture didn't last for long! I wonder if I didn't live in such a small community would I be more adventurous with my outfits? I suppose one of the good things about getting older is that I worry less and less about other peoples judgements. My husband is a great support regarding my clothes. His viewpoint is always important to me and when I told him I wanted to start a fashion blog for my age group, his response was "What harm can it do?". I keep that in mind if I want to try out something different, but am not sure how it'll be received. That usually clinches the deal.

Over shirt : TK Maxx. Trousers : H&M. Shoes : eBay. Necklace : charity shop: Hand of Fatima : Noel. Rose gold bangle : Kate Spade New York. Garnet ring : gift. Blue topaz ring : gift. Russian gold ring : wedding band.



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