These arms - that dress

After yesterday's rant I realised that the outfit didn't get a mention which is very unlike me, so let's put that right. The dress is a couple of years old and, surprise surprise from a charity shop, although I think the brand was Next. It's proved to be a mainstay in my wardrobe as it's a wash and wear dress which always makes me feel very glamorous without too much effort. I think we all need one of these in our arsenal. Carrying on from the whole arms/sleeves debate, what is interesting is that if this had short sleeves I don't think it would look as good or feel as fab. In fact, given that it's well past knee length if it had sleeves too it could look quite mumsy and that's certainly not going to feel very glam!
The necklace is another instant glam item which has been featured a lot on the blog so far, but I make no apologies for that. The size of the imitation pearls and general chunkiness again adds instant glamour yet doesn't look out of place during the daytime. I have a black short tailored cardi that I wear over the dress if it's a bit chilly which does give the outfit a more formal edge, but given that I knew where this photo shoot was going I felt formal was not the look I was trying to achieve.

The feedback through email and Facebook re "These arms" has been amazing, thank you. Looks like I struck a chord there, so please do feel free to share with friends who may enjoy the rant.

Dress: charity shop. Necklace: Debenhams. Shoes: TK Maxx. Belt: charity shop. Gold garnet ring: gift. Gold band: Les Grimshaw. Sapphire ring: engagement ring. Sunglasses: Quay Australia.



  1. I love a good Charity shop find!
    It always feels good to get a genuine bargain, and do so good at the same time.
    Your arms look fabulous!
    Samantha @Fakefabulous

    1. Hi Samantha, great to hear from you again. I get such a buzz from charity shopping, you just never know what you'll find. Did you read the forerunner to this piece - These arms? Anyway, they're the only ones I've got and am grateful for them xxx

    2. Yes, I did...and I thought your arms look great!
      Skin slackening is just part of life, nothing to be covered up in shame.
      Continue to show them off with pride!
      p.s. I nominated your blog on notdressedaslamb as a "blogging hero", I love your colourful style!

    3. Wow! That's such a lovely thing to do. Thank you so much Samantha xxx


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