Summer exhibitions: 2 of 6

Here we are again, 10 days later on our second show. As Julie, Beth, Polly and I line up outside the gallery after our opening night we are greeted by a warm blast of summer wind to liven things up. The attending artist is Ellen Watson who has had a great launch to her summer exhibition and who looks suitably pleased (if somewhat wind blasted!)
My outfit for the evening is great little find from my favourite charity shop in Truro. It's by Coast and am not sure if it's ever been worn as the dress straps were still attached to the inside of the dress in their plastic sleeve. It would be perfect as a wedding outfit too, so may well appear again sometime. I've teamed it up with a rather special necklace by Magpie Vintage. These pieces are all sourced from genuine vintage necklaces and brooches which are dis-assembled and reworked with pearls and gemstones to make a unique piece of jewellery. It's a great piece to jazz up a simple black dress too and is really paying it's way as far as cost per wear goes.

Dress and jacket : Coast (charity shop). Necklace : Magpie Vintage. Shoes : Debenhams.



  1. Really pleased to see the outfit. It looks wonderful! The anxious store manager.

    1. I'm delighted with it too! Hope it was worth waiting for. See you next time I'm across in Cornwall.

  2. Let us know when you are next coming, your dress and shoe size and we'll try to set some things aside and negotiate a mini private viewing.


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