Summer exhibitions: 1 of 6

During the months of July and August our gallery hosts one exhibition every 10 days. This is no mean feat, but I treat it as my annual challenge where I try to outdo myself with all sorts of figures, ie numbers of guests who attend, number of paintings sold, profits made etc. I work with a small team of girls who play a huge part in the success of the evening and all without any direction from me, which is the perfect kind of teamwork.
Exhibition nights are the ultimate reason for dressing up and are such a pleasure for me, as is finding the right components that will work well for an opening night party. Sometimes I'm game for a pair of really high heels, such as tonight, but other times only flatties will do. The soiree is always well attended and for the ladies is a chance to wear that special something they might have packed "just in case..."
So here's the ensemble I put together for the first of the six shows. And here's me with one of the exhibiting artists, Tom Rickman. And finally with my small, but perfectly formed support team comprising of Polly Edwards (gallery assistant and blog photographer), Julie McMurray (assistant to the assistant) and Beth Inch (yes, you guessed it, assistant to the assistant's assistant). And as you can tell we all had a great evening.

Skirt : TK Maxx. Blouse : charity shop. Shoes : TK Maxx. Necklace : Debenhams. Opaque white stone ring : New Look. Peach perspex ring : gift. Beaded purse on chain : eBay. Sunglasses : Quay Australia.


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