Memories of summer

Today's post is for all the family and friends who know or have visited these special islands and who might enjoy seeing some photos of familiar views. I feel it's time to admit that summer is over, and would like to punctuate my blog with the reminder of this afternoon in September when the Indian summer prompted Steve and I to down tools on a weekday. We were heading off for a long-awaited picnic on one of the uninhabited islands, and had just climbed on board our boat when I saw this tiny beauty drifting past. The little jellyfish was about the size of a mini-cupcake and just as cute!

It's high tide, flat calm and the sun is shining - just perfect for a bit of messing about in boats.

We're cruising past Cromwell's Castle and I can see the white breakers ahead. Time to put the camera away and hold on as we go around the top.

The bumpy ride over, we drift gently into the shores of Tean island.

Coming into the shallows, we're about to pitch up onto our own desert island for the afternoon. Not so bad after a 10 minute boat ride.

Clean, clear waters await.

We're not the only ones who think it's a perfect day to be out on the water.

Our trusty little cruiser is anchored up while we enjoy the peace and quiet, and a picnic lunch on the beach.

Even a fashionista deserves to have a day off sometime.

Time to motor home again.

Some Herons perched on Hedge Rock.

The sea is just like a millpond. Looks very tempting...

This looks like a romantic way to travel.

The Scillonian, brimming with visitors, is heading back to the mainland...

...and we're heading off home too. It was a great day to be out on the water, and we enjoyed our little moment of isolated splendour too. The simple pleasures island life.



  1. Beautiful photographs. Such vivid blues of the sea. I'd love to visit your islands. If I could live in one place it would definitely be by the sea.

    1. These islands are very photogenic. It is wonderful to live by the sea - I'm very lucky indeed. Sounds like to might need to visit here one day...


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