The oversized shirt

This is a really lovely shirt, and all the more lovely for costing only £2.90 in last month's shopping spree. In the charity shop there were three of these all together which looked like a bit of a wardrobe clear out if ever I've seen one. This colourway is what clinched the deal as the other two were a bit pale and washed out looking. My school uniform was maroon and gold and I think this is the first time I've chosen to wear this combo since then - and that was more than a year or two ago as you can imagine. 

I don't often wear oversized shirts as I feel a bit swamped in them, and that's because I teeter on the brink of the petite/average height range at 5 foot 5 inches. Neither do I have those long beanpole legs which give the illusion of height. I'm blessed with footballers legs which is why you won't see many miniskirts or summer shorts being showcased on my blog. Being realistic about your shape is good, I think, as it helps you define your body type so that you can choose the best clothes to suit that type. If I were driven to give the illusion of the perfect figure I'd be in dresses or palazzo pants with high heels all the time, adding a belt to draw the eye to my narrowest part and I might even look tall(er) too.

But my blog is about the real me, wearing all sorts of clothes and shoes regardless of whether they're right for my shape and height. One of my major love affairs is with my brogues. Once in a while my passion comes into fashion (did you like that?) and this week I saw a magazine feature saying we all need some mannish brogues for our A/W15 look - hurrah, I'm ready! Today, just for a change however, and because I don't want to be too predictable, I've donned my gold leather loafers to finish off the ensemble. I know not everyone would be wearing gold shoes as day wear, but hey, I'm not everyone! I continued the glitzy theme with this sparkly gem necklace, and the gold trimmed floral ring in an art deco style was another good tie-in. The huge silver disc ring was a great find in a charity shop for the crazy sum of £3 and has already been useful in previous posts. And to finish off, I added the beautiful brown leather handbag which is a good contrast to all the sparkle. 

The jury's out as to whether this is a very me outfit. I really wanted to showcase this shirt and think I may have to style it up differently next time. I'm going to think a while longer to see what comes up. Watch this space...

Shirt: charity shop. Trousers: H&M. Loafers: eBay. Necklace and rings: charity shop. Handbag: charity shop. Sunglasses: Quay Australia. 



  1. I think the outfit looks very put together. Nothing wrong with it at all. Beautiful colours. Love the golden shoes (I am a fan of silver and golden shoes and boots). The shirt flatters you and the rings and bag are nice and unique. I mean this in a positive way, don't get me wrong.

  2. Hi Greetje, thank you for the positive feedback. I suppose that lack of condifence comes from wearing something out of my comfort zone. I like the shirt very much and thanks to you will happily style it again differently. Good to hear from you again xx

  3. I know what you mean about body limitations, Anna...and I understand your uncertainty about an oversized shirt on an almost-petite frame. I does attempt to hide your enviably tiny waist and flat stomach. BUT it is a good idea to mix things up a bit and get out of the old comfort zone now and again.
    Your shirt looks great....even with it's oversized shape it still does not hide your enviably toned figure. Loose clothes never do, they just skim over what lies underneath.
    I am only 5'6" but my skinny legs give the illusion of more height....I would love to have a toned middle like yours (three gigantic babies and being pretty lazy are the reality there).
    I don't think that anyone is 100% happy with their lot, are they? Even 'perfect' models have insecurities.
    Maybe seeing yourself through the eyes of others, makes you appreciate what you have a little more?
    I love your shirt and those metallic loafers are right up my street.
    A great look...keep mixing it up, being fabulous and having fun.
    Fake Fabulous

    1. I think you're right Samantha about seeing yourself through the eyes of others - I've taken a look at this today and can see more positives than before. Thank you for your insights and feedback (a veritable essay today :)) and isn't it interesting to hear others viewpoints! xxx

  4. I don't think it swamps you as it's streamlined in the way it hangs on you. And quite a few trends at the moment are less structured - think long line cardigans and ponchos etc... Like Greetje, I think it looks pulled together, casual and relaxed but without trying to hard. And what a bargain price at £2.90. Absolutely worth a pun at that price and look at the result. The colours are lovely on you.

    1. Yet more positive feedback on what I felt was one of my least flattering outfits, so thank you too for that! I was so delighted to find such a bargain and only bought it because I loved it, which is always my rule of thumb. I think I'm used to seeing certain looks on me hence this uncertainty as to whether this is really me. Thanks again for your thoughts x


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