What, this old thing?

So, we've all got a dress like this that seems to come out year after year and still looks fresh. I can't remember how long I've had it or where I bought it, but it's a great old faithful. It's easy to wear, works every time and suits me. Because it's such an oldie I did feel it maybe needed a bit of extra boost, and that comes in the form of this amazing necklace by Magpie Vintage. The piece is made from recycled vintage jewellery using old pearls and semi precious stones which have all had a life before this one. I love the idea that it's full of memories from years ago and like to imagine a strand of pearls being worn for a wedding or perhaps a christening, or a brooch on a war bride's coat. Sheer nostalgia, I know, but it appeals to my sense of romance.

I opted for boots today instead of my default setting of brogues. I recently came across a fashion blog by another lady of my generation, Greetje Kamminga, who runs a blog called No Fear of Fashion - see here. Greetje has a post featuring a fantastic pair of cream ankle boots which I covet. Anyway, that got me thinking, and knowing that it will be some time until my next flurry around the shops, I decided to delve into the depths of my shoe boxes and came out with these. Yet another charity shop trophy, I've never worn them but decided today was their day. They're quite elegant and I particularly like the stitching, which led me to search through my belt rack to uncover the stretch belt which also has contrast stitching. I don't why I get such pleasure from the gathering of all of these very specific elements together to make an outfit. I love finding the right jewellery to offset the look, trying a selection of necklaces until it says what I want. And even the quest for the right pair of tights is time well spent for me. I chose these purple ones instead of half a dozen other purple ones as they have a geometric pattern which ties in with the print of the dress. All of these little pleasures add up to a feel good factor which I can wear for the rest of the day.

Dress: old. Belt: charity shop. Boots: charity shop. Vest top: New Look. Tights: old. Necklace: Magpie Vintage. Watch: charity shop. Yellow stone ring: Martin James. Silver ring: charity shop.



  1. You probably know what I'm going to say about this look, Anna?.....
    I LOVE your purple tights!!
    A little pop of extra colour (picking out the geometric pattern too).
    I love my old faithfuls...some of my clothes are older than my children and I hope to hand them on to my girls to give them an even longer life.
    I honestly think that clothes were just made a little better 20 years ago and things these days are so cheaply manufactured (even if the price tag is not cheap).
    Hang on to your dress for as long as it allows...it is a classic shape and pattern.
    Beautiful and chic, as always.
    Fake Fabulous

    1. Thank you Samantha. Yes, I have to agree with you on the quality issue. That's the beauty of buying vintage - you really do get value for money. I knew you'd love the tights. We're kindred spirits as far as coloured tights go. I have too many pairs to count, but am always on the lookout for something special, something a bit different - well you known me!

      Anna xxx

  2. This is nice! I was browsing through your last 4 posts and decided to read this one completely as I liked the dress a lot and loved that you combined it with modern shoes and opaque tights. Little did I know you gave me a shout-out. Thanks Anna. Much appreciated. The fact I (as in me..) inspired somebody is something I would never have dreamed about three years ago.
    Ever so nice jewellery.
    PS I cannot comment too much as I am suffering from RSI in my right shoulder (too much blogging and hard work)

    1. Hello Greetje. I'm still a novice at this blogging, but realise that it's only good manners to name those who inspire, and you do. I've had a couple of shout-outs myself which is a thrill, I agree. Sorry to hear about your RSI - I suppose rest is important, but not always possible.
      Anna xx


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