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Pink, as you will know, is so not one of my colours, but I'm really entering into the spirit of things to get over this. First there were the powder pink brogues (as seen here), and now this wham-bam, eye-popping fuchsia blouse with frills, bells and whistles.

At the beginning of the day I felt a bit conspicuous, wondering if my skin looked too washed out in this bright pink top, but by the end of business I was quite at home, owning the look, as they say. I think my reticence in wearing pink harps back to my childhood when I had bright ginger hair and was told (by whom, I can't remember) that redheads shouldn't wear pink or red as it clashes with our hair colour. I clearly took this to heart and have avoided these for years until now. The birth of my alter ego, the fashionista who's been lying in wait ready to strut her stuff, has been quite liberating, allowing me to try out all sorts of things including the pink stuff. I also recently bought a red skirt for this winter and am looking forward to some cold weather to give it a whirl too. 

The beautiful blouse came from a vintage, charity shop in Exeter. Imagine my delight at vintage clothes and charity shop prices all rolled into one heavenly retail opportunity! My daughter Sasha and I headed in different directions seeking out our own treats. After 20 minutes of scouring the racks I took myself off to the changing room and the fun began. Such a lot looked promising until I tried it on, but that's all part of the game. Eventually this blouse and a few other prized goodies rose to the top of the pile and I was done. All will be revealed in due course. The day was off to a good start, and the end result has already been featured in my previous post Shopping, haircut and a fabulous fashionista (as seen here.)  After today I've already had a few other ideas about styling up this pretty blouse with other separates in my wardrobe which I really can't wait to try out. It's like I've opened the floodgates to a whole new realm of creativity thanks to this inclusion of an off-limits area of the colour wheel. I feel like I've got a whole lot of catching up to do. What fun!

Blouse: vintage, charity shop. Skirt: H&M. Shoes: TK Maxx. Ring: gift. Bangle: gift. Pearls: charity shop. Sunglasses: Quay Australia.


  1. Looks fantastic on you Anna. Do you know Jess of She's a redhead and she often wears pinks and always looks amazing in that colour.
    I love the sharp contrast of the pink against the block striped,black and white skirt. Stops it from going overboard on the girly front - if that makes sense! And then you finish with another strong colour with the shoes so you've neatly topped and tailed your colours!

    1. Yes, I've come across Jess and doesn't she look fab in pink! I never thought I could carry it off too. This blouse is going to be the springboard to quite a few outifts and is just what I need to pep up the overly dark colours of my winter wardrobe. Watch this space... Great to hear from you again xxx

  2. Wow Anna, That is certainly PINK....and Frothy (is frothy the right word??? I think so!)
    In fact it is SO pink that the pink-o-meter has burst into flames!
    I should hate have styled this blouse so perfectly.
    That skirt choice was genius AND those shoes...PERFECT!
    You have even managed to add a string of pearls without entering the gates of Frumpsville.
    I am wondering if there anything you can't wear? Probably not.
    Fabulous, as ever!
    Fake Fabulous

    1. Hi Samantha, yes the pink-o-meter just went pop with this very frothy number! It's very kitch, had to be dressed up with pearls in a true Stepford wife way, but then the skirt sidetracked it elsewhere. Whether it works or not is down to personal opinion, and as long as we're having fun that's all that matters isn't it?

  3. BAM! I love your pink with your graphic skirt. I'm so glad you inner fashionista is on the rampage. It makes life so much more fun. I'm googly eyed, which is exactly how I want to be. Thank you.

    1. Hi Melanie, so lovely to hear from a like minded gal! Am having such fun with my blog and it's great if someone else enjoys it too. Thanks for your feedback.
      Anna xxx


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