Welcome to my island home

View across Old Grimsby bay to Blockhouse Castle.

Blockhouse cottages are nestled below. I lived here with my husband when we were first married 34 years ago, and I have fond memories of those days.

This new development, the Sea Garden cottages, has replaced the Island Hotel at Old Grimsby.

Looking towards St Martin's from the vantage point of the Blockhouse Castle.

Same vantage point, but looking towards the Eastern Isles.

The cows were a favourite subject for my artist friend, Kathy Todd, when she lived here.

This little chap was keen to have a look at me looking at him.

I live here at the foot of the hill with this idyllic view across New Grimsby bay to Bryher.

Here comes the inter island freight launch delivering all the goods.

And this is the view from outside my house.

It's 6 months since I started my blog and I thought it might be nice to show you all some of the sights around my home. I travelled to the Scilly Isles in 1978 as a backpacker looking for a summer job, and never left. I love living on an island, and can't imagine not being within striking distance of the sea. We Brits seem to be obsessed with the weather, but that's nothing compared to what it's like if you live on an island. If it's foggy the planes might not fly or if it's blowing a gale then the ship might not sail. Conversely when the sun shines, we rave about how lucky we are, and seeing the sunset above, you can surely understand why. We have a boat instead of a car, and the rush hour comprises of a mix of tractors, bikes and golf buggies, with a jet boat bringing the children across from Bryher for the school run. 

The Isles of Scilly are a popular tourist resort drawing people from not only the West Country, but all over the UK and also from Europe and beyond. Our mild climate benefits from the warm waters of the Gulf stream, but as a hardened sea swimmer, I never seem to find that particular drift myself when I'm splashing about out there! The islands have very little pollution meaning that the quality of light here is extraordinarily clear, therefore is a real draw for artists and photographers alike. We also have a huge influx of bird watchers come here in the autumn to chase a rare specimen which has been blown off course from another country. 

These islands seem to weave their magic around our visitors with a very high percentage returning year after year. Accommodation gets booked up by regulars who re-book mostly before they've even left. Island life is community spirited, and we work for a common aim - to make our little islands thrive. It's a privilege to live and work here and a joy to have such a beautiful, healthy environment to raise a family in. My children are all grown up now, but they benefited from a close-knit upbringing, where their schooling was on the islands amongst life long friends. Island life is a blessing, and those of you who also live this kind of life will echo my sentiments, I'm sure.



  1. What a fabulous post Anna. Beautiful photos giving an insight into your world. Can quite understand why you never left the island - I don't think I would either.
    That last photo of the sunset outside your house is stunning. What inspiration you must draw from it. And having such clear light - reminds me of when we visit family in the South of France - that crispness that immediately lifts your mood. I must imagine star gazing is pretty spectacular your way with no light pollution.
    I've always wanted to visit the Scillies so hopefully one day I will and you can be my guide!


    1. So glad you enjoyed the post. I know I love the backdrop from all the bloggers I follow and love your stories about the shows you've seen in London. It's interesting to see what others get up to and really helps to build up a true idea of who they are. Our night sky is pretty awesome. We've lain out on the grass in the middle of the night in August to watch the meteor showers - amazing stuff. I'd be delighted to give you the guided tour if you ever make it down here.
      Anna x

  2. What a beautiful, beautiful life! I also live on the sea. It does so much for my wellbeing as it does for you.

    Thanks for sharing these pictures Anna.

    Love, Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

    1. I think living by the sea is a dream for many, and we're so lucky to share that reality. Without a doubt it does affect your wellbeing. Have held back from posting this as I wasn't sure if it was too much navel gazing, so thanks for the positive feedback.
      Hurrah I've made it into print on your comments page too!
      Anna x

  3. You live in a real Paradise, Anna! Many people would love to have the same beautiful view!!

  4. These photos!!!! Your home is so beautiful, I cannot WAIT to visit! The isles of Scilly have been so long on my wishlist that I can scarcely believe I am actually going to get there!!x

    1. Kezzie you have a real treat in store. The islands have a magical quality and they will enchant you I'm sure. Nearer the time you must email me with your itinery so that I can be around to meet up with you x


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