Paisley print skirt and blue biker

Apologies to those of you who are tiring of this biker jacket and its claim to fame. But if I were a jacket, I would be this jacket. Never have I been quite so besotted. My favourite of the moment is usually my latest purchase, but this has endured being superseded and is still holding strong.  I love testing it out to see what else in my wardrobe I can pair it with. And this surely must be a good thing; to recycle what's here rather than become bored and feel the need to shop again. I know that this sentiment will strike a chord with other kindred shoppers out there. To have a lure in the wardrobe rather than in the shop window can only be good.

I've had this paisley print pencil skirt for a couple of years and it was in danger of becoming one of my invisible items in the cupboard. You know what I mean, when you have loads of clothes, but so many of them don't capture your attention as you're blind to their existence. Sometimes you skim over them for a reason - it no longer fits or is a bit faded, bobbled or the colour isn't easy to marry up. Well this skirt had become a bit loose around the waist meaning that I always dismissed it, but today I decided to add a wide belt to overcome the problem - et voila!

The pussy bow blouse is making another appearance after resting since June when it was featured here. And seemingly this is our latest must-have for this winter season - so wasn't it grand that I had the foresight to buy mine early before the rush! I swear that if you hang on to them long enough every piece of clothing you own will come back into style again. This must be one of the major benefits of getting older and having a slight hoarding tendency. 

Jacket: TK Maxx. Skirt: H&H. Blouse: eBay. Belt: H&M. Shoes: Portugal. Tights: Dorothy Perkins. Rings: charity shop. Sunglasses: Quay Australia.

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  1. Oh Anna...I will never tire of looking at this jacket {wishes she was looking at it in hanging in her own wardrobe}. I am loving how you have paired it with such a ladylike skirt and blouse but then made sure that those two items clash yet compliment each other with clever accessorising.
    Let us take a moment to look at those shoes, just a little longer....sigh....LOVE!
    I do seriously covet your wardrobe contents.
    Fake Fabulous
    P.S...You have sunshine!!

    1. Will start at the end, and yes the sun shone here yesterday as if it was summer. I still have a post sitting in my draft box featuring this jacket, but will keep it for a dull winter's day when we need another injection of sunshine. Glad you still love the biker and shoes too. Having fun mixing it up - it's what we do, isn't it?
      Anna xxx

  2. I love the colour of your jacket but i really fal for your rings and the blouse.Beautifull!

    1. Thanks, Nancy. I'm always on the look out for inexpensive jewellery to spice up my blog and these rings both came from charity (thrift) shops. I'm really happy with this retro blouse which is much more interesting than what's on offer in the shops currently. Lovely to hear from you again x

  3. Oh! I've been meaning to come visit you all week, and now I have and I can tell we are going to be good friends!! I love so much about this outfit--and the fact that you love your blue coat so much, well I can relate, and I can also completely understand the love affair at hand. This blue moto is FABULOUS!!

    I really like how you play with patterns too. Paisley is my all time favorite. Now I have to go look at your about, see where you live, and find out where this beautiful beach is!

    Thank you for linking up to my Style Story Link Up.

    I'm looking forward to getting to know you.

    Love, Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

    PS Just curious...did you consider an orange lippy at all?

    1. Hi Ann, so good to hear from you. (I've tried to leave comments on your blog, but think I may have some kind of block on my computer - will look into it.) Anyway, am slowly reading up on you too, so let's keep in touch. Paisley doesn't go out of fashion, and if it ever does, then I'll keep wearing it! Nearly bought some orange lippy the other day, but hesitated. Am trying to find the perfect shade...
      Anna x

  4. That is a glorious jacket - I would wear the heck out of it! I can see why you like my orange tie-neck blouse! :) Thank you for commenting on my blog and having a poke around, Anna! If/when I get tired of the blouse, I will let you know (but I warn you that I do hang onto things sometimes for a long time...but on the other hand, sometimes I tire of them early, so you never know).

    Cheers, and rock on!

    1. Yes, you've not seen the last of this jacket by any means. And as long as I've got first dibs on the blouse I'm happy - I'm in this for the long game and can be very patient, hahaha. Great to be in touch with you Sheila xxx

  5. I can absolutely understand why you so love that moto is gorgeous! I love everything about this right down to the shoes. The skirt is a definite winner, glad you gave it a chance to come out and play. I tend to neglect things in my closet too.

    1. Hi Debbie, thanks for dropping by. This was one of my favourite posts of the year, and mostly because of the jacket. Isn't it good to rediscover old clothes and breathe new life into them again x


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