Bloomin' lovely

I'm don't really see myself as a floriferous type as a rule, but these flowery purchases seem to have made their way into my wardrobe with this explosive result. In fact the supermarkets have come up trumps as the trousers were from Sainsbury last summer and the top was a recent purchase in Tesco. I found the bomber jacket in a charity shop a while back, the brand was Zara which means great styling and fabric, so another winner.

I think my main motivator when getting dressed in the morning is not to look boring, predictable or like an old fogey. I don't mind in the least being middle aged, but it doesn't mean I want to look as if I've lost my fashion mojo. Clothes have been my passion since I was about 13 starting with when I knitted myself an amazing turquoise skirt. The majority of you probably won't remember, but there was a trend at the time for these massive plastic knitting needles where you used 8 strands of wool and the stitches were huge, but meant you were able to knit and finish your project really quickly. I knitted these two rectangles which I then sewed up the side seams of, and then lined with a lovely turquoise silky material (all hand stitched), finishing with a tube of elastic at the top. Et voila, a fabulous mini skirt! I remember the thrill of creating something original. It was a Saturday afternoon when it had it's debut, which at 13 was only a trip along the high street and back again, in the hope that someone would clock this fantastic little gem. Since then I've dabbled with customising clothes and recently have taken a couple of sewing courses and hope to do another. I'm greedy to learn more so that I can do more sewing, but actually you can apply that greed to living generally. I'm nearing 60, but there's so much I want to learn, so much I want to do. There's still a whole lot of living to be done!

Jacket: charity shop. Trousers: Sainsbury. Top: Tesco. Shoes: Office. Yellow stone ring: Martin James. Brown stone ring: East.



  1. Wonderful!
    Love this clash/mix/frenzy of cleverly co-ordinated joy!
    And those 'geek' shoes...sigh...just brilliant.
    You will NEVER be an old Fogey have mojo a-go-go!
    Fake Fabulous

    1. Hey Samantha, so glad you appreciate this combo. Such fun to mix it all up sometimes. Thanks for the lovely comments xxx


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