Retro shirt and Liberty doll pendant

Sometimes the inspiration for an outfit comes from a certain colour that I want to wear, other times it's a specific item, and today this retro shirt was the starting point. A recent eBay find, it's been like a lady-in-waiting loitering in the background, lingering until the moment was right. The psychedelic pattern reminds me of an orange and white dress I wore to a family wedding when I was about 10 years old. It had a small stand up collar, zip front, three quarter length sleeves, was a tent dress, and a micro mini too. The fledgling fashionista in me was excited to be in fashion thanks to the very affordable C&A.

I'm loving the mix of fabrics today: the suede belt and shoes, crepe shirt, cotton chinos and patent handbag. The richness of the fabrics makes the ensemble all the more interesting and the sea colours compliment my colouring too, but I also think the pop of fuchsia against the blue is a great ploy. All in all it's a fab feelgood outfit which just boosts my mood for the day ahead.

But a special mention must go to my doll pendant with Liberty skirt by Charlie Dodge. Newly purchased just yesterday (I forgot to put it on for the first few shots), Charlie tells me she's encouraging all her customers to name their doll (her own one is called Tallulah), so I've called mine Jessica and I think she's divine! I'm sure she's going to appear quite often over the rest of the summer, and no apologies for that. I think Charlie could have a bestseller on her hands and I wish her every success with this latest creation.

Shirt: eBay. Trousers: Fat Face. Shoes: Benetton. Belt: Benetton. Handbag: charity shop. Pearl necklace: old. Liberty doll necklace: Charlie Dodge. Blue ring: charity shop. Yellow stone ring: Martin James.


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  1. What a fabulous shirt! That EPIC could pop it up into an elizabethan ruff, I bet!
    The fabric looks lovely (I thought all 70's shirts were bri-nylon?!) you have picked a winner.
    The colours are beautiful too.
    I (of course) LOVE your brogues....sigh... shoe envy rears it's head again.
    Fake Fabulous


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