Breaking the rules

So, lately I was thinking that I might be slipping into some middle-of-the road dressing. But today I feel inspired with this breaking the rules outfit. The clash of pleats and frills was a result of a pile of maybes scattered on the bed and suddenly the colour tones were the link not the styles. This works because I say it does. I certainly don't feel conservative in this ensemble and that's what I wanted. Today's twist is a joy because of the very unexpected nature of it. I surprised myself and that's good because at the end of the day I do dress to please myself. The blog only shows what I happen to be wearing.

When I used to shop from the mainstream ie high street shops, I fell into that matching-things-up-as-I-was-buying mode. A skirt always needed something to make up an outfit. What kind of top will go with these trousers? You know how it goes. If you're spending a lot of money you need to get it right. The beauty of charity shopping is that a £3 top, which this frilly one was, is no worry to have languishing in my wardrobe for a year until it gets worn. And then suddenly it makes a grand entrance and that £3 well spent gives me more of a thrill than any standard purchase ever could.

Top: charity shop. Skirt: charity shop. Shoes: New Look. Bangle: Kate Spade New York. Perspex ring: gift. Flower bracelet and matching ring: Dorothy Perkins. Necklace: Phase Eight.



  1. So lovely that flowerring and bracelett ♥

    1. Thank you so much. I think it's a classy little set with a bit of an art deco feel. So useful being a neutral colour too. Thanks for visiting the blog!

  2. Ruffles and patterns and lasered shoes all look perfectly in sync to me!
    The colours and tones are perfect and the whole look is polished and fabulous.

    1. Great to hear from you Samantha, and thanks for the compliments xx

  3. Love the ruffles, the detail! I also love the mix of gold and silver or pewter in your jewelry, beautiufl!
    thanks for linking up with TH Tuesday
    jess xx

  4. The ruffles were great fun to wear, and ought really to have another viewing soon. Lovely to hear from you, and thanks for the link up!


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