That island breeze blows again

This whole post was nearly hijacked by the amazing hair shots which followed on from the final snap shown. The onshore wind is generally a challenge, but coupled up with the morning sun and high tide today meaning Polly and I had fun trying to get some acceptable shots. Inevitably we have lots of photos where I'm chatting and laughing away which are great, but not always showcasing the clothes. Anyway this morning Polly was in her element with all the crazy, wild hair shots. I plan to do an entire post featuring hair, the windswept look, just to give you a laugh. Coming soon, I promise!

The blog is proving to be so good for me, exorcising all sorts of rules I seem to have inflicted upon myself in the name of perfection. Today I am proudly wearing a favourite pair of brogues that a quite old and therefore a bit scuffed. I want to keep the blog real, show my daily work outfits as they really are. I promise I don't go into my office and slip on another jacket or pair of shoes because they're more comfortable. This is it, every post is exactly what I wore to work. As I've said before I'm lucky that I have a job where I get to dress up every day. I know some bloggers have to fit their blogs around the day job and I admire their effort and commitment.

So finally a quick word about today's outfit. The top was a charity shop find, a snip at £4.25, but more importantly is the fact that it's by Barbara Hulanicki. Result! That just feels so good. Pairing it with these wide legged trousers helps to balance the whole look and I just love the mix of prints. And the brogues were the right colour to finish it all off, even though they are well worn.

Top: Barbara Hulanicki (charity shop). Trousers: TK Maxx. Shoes: Office. Bracelet: old. Pearl necklaces: charity shop. Sunglasses: Quay Australia.



  1. Wowzers Anna!
    You look super-toned and fabulous in that peplum top.
    Of course, I love those brogues...but I also noticed your cute necklace cluster, Lovely.
    I have a little pearl necklace with turquoise which I must get out after seeing how pretty yours looks.

    1. I too can wear what I like to work (within reason) as I am covered from shin to chin in a white howie-style labcoat.... tres chic!
      People often ask me why I bother dressing up....but we do it for ourselves don't we?
      Life can be depressing enough (sometimes) without looking depressed too!
      Keep being fabulous!

    2. Hey Samantha, lovely to hear from you twice in one day. It's great that you dress for yourself too, and you look fab on it. I think if you're happy in your clothes it helps create a ripple effect in the rest of your life. Xxx


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