Chanel trousers - what a gift!

These amazing Chanel trousers turned up in the post just the other day and were a gift from my dear friend Bun Matthews. Brand new, in pristine condition and begging to be worn I had a lovely evening trawling through my wardrobe to find the best separates to showcase them. I'm not very tall and the trousers are mega wide so I thought I needed to highlight the high waist and have a fitted top half to offset the voluminous bottom half. My initial thought had been to pair the trousers up with a cropped, frilled blouse which also had brass buttons, but when I put it all together the top was too boxy and I looked swamped. My other thought had been to go all out with the nautical theme and add a Breton striped tee shirt, but again that was just too boxy to be flattering.

So here we have it, fab Chanel pants with a beautiful shoreline backdrop - what a lovely start to the bank holiday weekend. My daughter Sasha is home for the long weekend and we are all heading out for a lazy lunch today. My next challenge is to find something to wear given that it's a half mile walk to the beach bar and it's currently tipping it down with rain. Wellies and wet gear are more de rigeur here than a fashion statement so I will be trying to find something practical but worthy of the occasion. Watch this space...

Trousers: Chanel. Tee shirt: Top shop. Cardigan: TK Maxx. Shoes: Topshop. Handbag: charity shop. Liberty doll pendant: Charlie Dodge. Rose gold bangle: Kate Spade New York. Brass cuff: Rose Cecil. Turquoise ring: old. Yellow stone ring: Martin James.



  1. I love those trousers! I think the Top should be small when you have wide trousers , looks much better :)

    1. Thank you. I agree. It's about getting the right balance isn't it? Just can't believe my luck with the trousers and they fit perfectly! xxx

  2. You've got the balance absolutely right. Those are quite the eye-catching trousers and really show off your tiny waist. And I love how the colour of the cardigan goes so well with your beautiful turquoise ring.

    1. Thanks for the nod of approval re the balance of the ensemble! Great to hear from you again, Thanks for dropping by xx

  3. That button detail is a dream! What a fabulous gift.... they look amazing.
    As for the top/bottom balance, You have a great look here. I love the pop's of yellow and the neat top.
    However, I do think volume can be worn on both (at the same time) but it needs a careful balance so as not to look like bag-lady meets jumble sale! Hahaha...I know, I have been there.
    Perhaps a structured cropped neoprene top/roll-neck jumper would work? Goodness knows, you have the figure for it!
    It would still highlight your waist and that beautiful detail.. it would be a crime to hide either!
    I hope to see these trousers again.
    Fake Fabulous

    1. I'm heading off to the mainland next week and will be on the look out for something else to wear with these pants, so thank you for all of your suggestions Samantha. You're always good for some original thoughts. Have done that bag lady look myself, albeit unintentionally, and do try to avoid it at all costs hahaha. Lovely to hear from you and thanks for the input xxx


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