Summer show: 6 of 6

Ah well, as the saying goes "All good things must come to an end", and so it has with my summer exhibitions. We've had an amazing run of shows this summer including this last one featuring three fine artists all so very diverse in their styles. But more about that in a moment as I really have to point you in the direction of the star of this particular evening, yes it's Polly! My darling assistant saved the best 'til last, making a dazzling entrance in this gold seqinned skater dress which sparkled and shone.

I'm so happy for Polly to have knocked me off my perch for the last evening.  She looks radiant from that gorgeous smile down to every last sparkling seqin. A passing boatman commented that she could be seen from Bryher! (The island opposite the gallery)

And as the evening sunshine dazzled these guys, let me introduce the attending artists, Alasdair Urquhart on the left and Stuart Kettle on the right. See Alasdair's work here and Stuart's can be seen here. The third of the trio, Anthony Garratt, couldn't make the opening night but you can view his striking paintings here. I love the fact that these three artists, more than ever, have managed to portray these islands so very differently. Their interpretations are as unique as the islands; full of character, individual, unrivalled in their beauty.

And for one last time this summer I'd like to say a very big thank you to the team who have held things together behind the scenes as well at on the frontline. Thank you Max, Polly and Heather!

Well, if we had to finish, then let it be on a perfect note like this. These two guests had spent an evening with us, enjoying the art, chatting to the artists and finally sipping wine as they watched the sun drop below the Bryher. We couldn't have laid on a better entertaiment than that I say.

My dress for the event was an absolute find from Tesco of all places, although the label denotes AX Paris, a concession I've previously found at New Look. Shoes are from H&M (sold out), necklace is from Dorothy Perkins (similar), my old faithful watch is by Michael Kors, bangle by Kate Spade New York and the rings are charity shopped.

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Anna x



  1. I love your dress! Fabulous cut & color! You look fabulous!

    And I love Polly's sparkly gold look! She looks fantastic!

    Glad the summer exhibition series ended on a perfect note!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

    1. Thank you Andrea. Polly looks amazing doesn't she? We shall both miss the opportunity to dress up to the nines every 10 days. Thanks for your consistent support x

  2. So glad to find your blog - the dress is fabulous!
    I am following you and would be delighted if you
    followed back. It's great to support us over 40 bloggers!
    Have a great week, Mimi

  3. I adore your peach maxi dress! Just stunning!


  4. Polly is splendiferous and resplendent in her gold. Love your fab dress too, Anna!

  5. So stunning! Lovely photos!

  6. The dress looks fabulous on you Anna, and all the accessories are beautiful. I've seen that label here in Ireland in some of the charity shops clothes but nothing for me so far!

    I loved you in the yellow travelling skirt too...

    Have a great week x


  7. Anna, you really do look a vision! Coral really suits you! I love the shape of it.
    Polly's dress is amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing. I could have done with one like that for our 50th Anniversary celebration dinner on Saturday at Music Camp- they suggested gold as a colour to wear but I don't have anything and didn't read the postscript so rocked up in a poppy dress!!!
    So glad you have had a wonderful time with the shows!!


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