#Ping Pong Post 6

Yes, it's crazy I know (where is the summer going?), but here we are already, the three of us with another dose of Ping Pong Post. Ann of Kreme de la Kremb and Samantha of Fake Fabulous are my blogging partners in crime who together over the past six months have been swapping clothes amongst each other. Nothing unusual in that you may say, but when you consider that Ann lives in Hong Kong, Samantha in Scotland and I live on the Isles of Scilly, off the end of Southwest England, then you can see this style challenge has taken some commitment along with a fair bit of planning to make it happen. Read here to find out how this all came about. This month Samantha threw her little shrug into the arena to see how we might style it up and for the first time ever I think we're all singing from the same sheet.

First up is Ann who wears the shrug to top off an utterly feminine, floaty dress with her favourite cowboy boots and leather pouch. This look is perfect for Ann, the tomboy of the group one minute and sexy siren the next. By donning her rough ol' boots she toughens the vibe making it so very Kremb de la Kremb. If you rewind to previous Ping Pong Posts, you'll see that Ann is highly creative with the item of the month and this time I half expected that the shrug may well have been reinvented as a modern day pair of bloomers by her. I think you might have missed a trick there Ann! 

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Outfit details for Ann are -
Earrings--Boutique in Florence, Italy
Coral Beaded Necklace--made by Venezuelan girlfriend, Mariana Morrill
Evil Eye and Half Circle--Fireworks
Dress--Forever 21
Belt Bag--Francesca's
Cowboy Boots--Old West via Zappos

Samantha has chosen to wear the shrug with a print dress too. She is sporting her bolero in a perfectly relaxed style, just popped over as an extra layer to keep her shoulders warm at the end of the day. Her leather clogs add an edge to steer away from an uber cutesy look (it's not Sam's fault that she's so pretty) as does the funky handbag. Samantha always seems to pull out a winning card with these feature handbags of hers and this is one no exception. The finished look is sleek and cool. Full marks Samantha. 

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Samantha's outfit details are -
DRESS: Old (new look)
CLOGS: Old (timberland)
BELT: Old (Topshop….there is a theme here :oP)
BAG: Old…actually belongs to my daughter, but she seems to have forgotten that it is hers!
SHRUG: Very old

Introducing a bit of print was my first thought too as this skirt from Jaeger caught my eye when I scanned the rail in my wardrobe. I like the vintage vibe conjured up by adding the big belt and net underskirt. I'm always trying to inject an element of fun into my outfits and the frothy fullness of the petticoat does exactly that. Never one too underplay things, I've added jewellery in lots of colours drawn from the skirt. My shots are looking very cool coloured as they were taken way back in April when the sunshine was a bit weak and watery. I'm also still carrying a bit of winter weight around my middle, a feature I'm only happy to share now that it's all shifted. I did wonder about choosing the shots that don't show my middle ripple, but then I thought it's good for me to show I'm less-than-perfect. I'm no model, nor am I pretending to be, and so it's only fair to show my imperfections to highlight that I'm as ordinary as everyone else. Keeping it real is what they say nowadays isn't it? 

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And my outfit details are -
Shrug: Samantha's
Tee shirt: M&S
Skirt: Jaeger
Underskirt: eBay
Shoes: New Look
Belt and jewellery: charity shopped
Sunglasses: Quay Australia

Anna x



  1. I love viewing the shrug in.the three different ways simultaneously. It is a versatile piece that works against strong patterns. Your look is really fun and I really like how the other ladies' shoes change their look.Xx

    1. I agree Kezzie. It was a very easy piece to match up with patterns and we really all did have fun as you could see. Thanks for your comments x

  2. Never saw the ripple until you told me. I like all three outfits, but am most drawn to yours. Love the photo where the black underskirt is showing. And eh... let's drop the ping pong with the green tunic. I did not try hard enough.

    1. I'm always prone to seeing my shortcomings and talking about them before anyone else! The ripple is there and I had to get it spoken about. I love to add these frothy underskirts as they just signal a bit of fun for me. Have emailed you re PPP. Have a good week x

  3. Oh wow! Two things Anna! First, you made me laugh REAL out loud with the bloomer comment. I'm still chuckling!!

    And second, I'm know model either and in the end I added a pic to my own post about the insecurities I feel about my Girls!

    Oh, I guess there is a third item I would like to say. I think it's so cool that you ADDED the petticoat. I kind of thought it might have been part of the skirt. Can you suggest where I can get one. That is one item I do not have, but wow! Look what it did to this skirt of yours. I love it!!

    Anna, thanks so much for getting us started. I truly adore our Ping Pong Posting. Here's to another 6 months!

    Love, Annie

    1. Thanks for all the lovely feedback Ann. The bloomers version was one I had really expected, so was quite surprised how conventional your take was this time, but it was still very lovely. And yes, we need to be honest about our insecurities otherwise it's all a bit of a sham isn't it? I'm sure you'll find an underskirt on eBay as that's where I got mine. I love how they can transform any skirt/dress into a real fun item. Finally, I too, am delighted that we've done so well with 6 months of Ping Pong Posting! Have a super week x

  4. This is such a fun outfit Anna!
    I love your underskirt... eBay is great, isn't it?
    I hear you (big time) when it comes to ripples and oozy bits, we all get them. (I am carrying a couple of floatation aides myself a the moment :oP)
    However, if you had not mentioned it no one would have ever noticed, or known a thing!
    That wide belt is a master stroke.
    A great look.

    P.S. If I was a gambler I would have put money on you wearing trousers this time around! hahaha...I like the fact that each time is a big surprise for us all.
    Here is to the next 6!!

    1. You know me Sam, I love to have a bit of fun and these kind of underskirts add that element so easily. As I've just said previously, it's good to be honest about our shorcomings - we're only human after all! And isn't it great that we still manage to surprise each other as well as our readers? Rock on PPP x

  5. I would have paid big money to see Annie turn this into bloomers. Ha ha!

    I really love that you all chose bold patterns here. Sisters from another Mother.

    I've been carrying around extra weight now for months and just hate it. My body doesn't just drop the weight anymore. It hangs onto it with the grip of death.

    I must say I will have to get out a magnifying glass to view your ripples though.


    1. I honestly did expect to see those bloomers! The plain little shrug was a great offering giving us all a blank canvas to play with. And about that weight thing, heck as the years roll on, so does the weight unless you fight it valiantly! I eat like a bird, chuck myself into the freezing Atlantic ocean and still it creeps up on me. Vanity keeps me thin, nothing else. Catch up with you soon x

  6. Beautiful skirt! It looks great with the orange top and the shrug. And since you mentioned them, I had to scroll back up to find the ripples - really not much to see at all... You look great!

    It's funny that the three of you came up with very similar outfits for the first time! Such a fun series. I'm already looking forward to the next installment!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

    1. Everyone is being very kind about the ripples, but they are/were there. I keep battling on with that. So pleased you like this line up from us all. It's funny that we're only now showcasing a similar look after 6 months of the feature. I'm looking forward to the next one too! Have a great week x

  7. Oh, the non-existent ripples, hmmm...you have a fabulous figure, Anna, but know what you mean. I have a lot of loose skin around my middle, my arms and my upper thighs from losing weight, and I'm always conscious of it in my post pictures. I rarely mention it (not fishing for compliments), but you're right, we know it's there.

    Now, this fabulous shrug makes me mad that I've gradually gotten rid of my shrugs over the past several years, because it's so cute on all of you! I love that you all did bold patterns with it. Fabulous!

  8. I could easily have chosen other photos which disguised the mid-ripple, but think it's got to be good to be honest. We're bombarded by airbrushed beauties in the magazines and on TV all the time, and I want to encourage real women to be happy with their own reality instead of yearning for the impossible or even the fantasy that we're fed.
    The shrug isn't a big feature in my wardrobe, but even the odd one or two I've got doesn't get much of an outing. Maybe I need to rectify that too?
    Have a great week and I'll be over to see you soon. Life is about to slow down now that we're heading towards our final summer show on Friday.
    Anna x


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