Abba or the Sound of Music?

Loving these burgundy heeled brogues.

This watch wouldn't look out of place in an advert in Vogue.

Today's title suggestions are from workmates as to which film my outfit was inspired by. I did give a rendition of "A lonely goat herd" voicing my opinion and think I might have to seek out some Lederhosen next. Isn't it grand to spark up a conversation that just for a moment lifts us out of the humdrum and the paperwork, and puts a smile on our faces? I kinda feel I'm doing my bit for our little community.

I'm delighted to say that the new shoes have given birth to this ensemble, as I've been waiting for the perfect footwear to offset this skirt for years. Yes, really years. This absolute gem of a skirt was an incredibly rash purchase many moons ago and cost me more money than I can bear to say. A proper designer piece, it hailed me when I was fresh off the island and prone to commit the odd, excited, over-the-top retail sin (thank goodness these days are over!) Much as I may have regretted the cost, I've never regretted the skirt. The colours are perfect for my wardrobe and the cotton lawn is light and has a slight sheen, that reeks style to me. There's a full separate slip in the aubergine tone too. Today however, I almost dressed it up in quite a different way, by donning my black 1950's style net underskirt. It did look amazing, but I decided for an ordinary work day it was probably a bit too much, and going by the earlier reactions I think it was a good call. Maybe for an evening out it would be a great move...

The blouse is having it's first outing too. I bought it on eBay a couple of winter's ago, then promptly found it too difficult to place. Looking at it now, I can see lots of opportunities and am delighted at how it looks. I suppose not everyone would see sequins as everyday wear, but working in the art world seems to be the perfect let out clause. And my final mention has to go to the beautiful watch. I've seen sparkly watches like this in the magazines and never for one moment imagined that I might find such a lovely specimen in the glass case of a charity shop. I find it hard to imagine that someone wouldn't want it, would even consider getting rid of it. But hey, what am I saying? I'm so, so pleased that it ended up abandoned in that little glass case - I love it!

Skirt: Philosophy, by Alberta Ferretti. Blouse:Jacques Vert. Belt: charity shop. Shoes: charity shop. Handbag: charity shop. Watch: charity shop. Yellow ring: Martin James. Silver ring: charity shop. 


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