Weekend in Exmouth

Exmouth seafront on Sunday morning was a hive of activity with these kitesurfers' sails zooming across the sky. We stopped and took some snaps of the bright and colourful display. It looked great fun, a real adrenlin rush.

This blue ring was a find in a charity shop in Exeter. Next time you're wondering if it's worth having a look in your local charity shop, remember this little beauty.

My daughter Sasha and I recently spent a lovely weekend in Exmouth, someplace neither of us had previously visited. We shopped (surprise), ate out and had a lovely morning wandering along the promenade where we came across these amazing kite surfers. The sun shone, and their sails danced across the pale blue sky making a fantastic display. Exmouth was teaming all sorts of exercise addicts - we saw a group out rollerblading and a cycling club was in evidence too. All this fresh air seemed to enliven and invigorate the residents. We also watched a lady emerge from the sea after her morning dip and I did feel a pang of envy as it had been a little while since my last sea swim on the islands.

Anyway, back to that shopping. My blue biker jacket was probably one of my most exciting purchases during my trip away. I seem to have a theme emerging with this shopping fest as jackets keep turning up which are just too good to miss. In addition to this one and my previously featured black leather jacket I also bought a brown bomber jacket, but more of that another time...The obvious styling for the blue jacket was of course to don a pair of jeans and flats for a modern biker look. I haven't tried out the rock chick look before so it did feel like dressing up in a very different way - I like it! 

The jeans were a new (recycled) purchase and nearly broke the bank at £1. In stretch denim with a retro snow wash finish these were allegedly two sizes too big for me, but I knew they were worth trying on just in case. They fit like a glove and the slight looseness in the waist was remedied by my two tone suede belt which adds a great pop of colour. The psychedelic print shirt was the other perfect retro piece needed to compliment the outfit. I finished the get up with my old favourite orange perspex necklace and some rings that I'd found in the local charity shops. This was a fun look, one I'll be sporting again.

Jacket: TK Maxx. Jeans: charity shop. Shirt: eBay. Shoes: Office. Belt: Benetton. Necklace: old. Rings: charity shop. Sunglasses: Quay Australia. Handbag: TK Maxx.



  1. KABOOM! That is a punch in the face of colour and I love it!!!
    Acid wash skinnies, THAT fabulous vintage shirt.....orange ostrich skin bag, chunky silver brogues.
    Is there nothing I don't want to own from this outfit? Erm, NO!
    I love a biker jacker but I am sick to death of middle aged women wearing them (usually in black plastic) over floaty dresses trying to look "young"....is that a little harsh? Perhaps, but I see it every day.
    I have no interest in looking Younger....I just want to look like me!
    We should all take a leaf out of your book and amp up the colour dial to MAX.
    This is how to do a biker...you have nailed it!
    Fake Fabulous

  2. Samantha you're always a breath of fresh air. I agree that all we should want is to be our best selves. I've been young, now I'm not so young, but that doesn't stop me loving clothes and having fun with them. Thanks for your vote of approval - it means a lot to me xxx

  3. Great. This could have been me so easily haha. Up to the necklace. Well done.


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