Pink brogues

Cooler days mean adding the extra layer of cardi/jacket/coat and this morning all I really needed was this lightweight trenchcoat. I love the pastel shades of yellow and pink which I've picked up in my accessories. The trench was a unexpected find in Primark. I sometimes have a wander through there when I pop in to buy work jeans for Steve. My initial reaction is often of panic as it's so busy and always stuffed full to the point that I don't know where to start. Anyway this coat was hanging on the end of a rack all on it's own so I didn't have to do much rummaging. I think it's a take on a more upmarket brand and not badly done either.

And the pink patent brogues are worth a mention too. I bought them recently from the online H&M sale and they popped up when I added something else to my basket. What a clever ploy to give you suggestions of what to wear with your chosen items! I wouldn't have gone looking for pink anything, but these just looked so cute. I thought I might take fright when I saw them in the flesh as I was worried that they might be bubblegum pink, but this is muted enough for me to wear. I've teamed them up with a couple of odd things which I've never been worn before. I class these as non outfit clothes, just-in-case casuals which are on standby when I don't know what to wear. I tried the oriental print top on and decided to mix the look up with the straight legged crops. So today I'm doing checks, stripes, flower print and accent colours of yellow and pink. It's pretty much a surprise get-up for me, a real mish mash, but I like it.

Trenchcoat: Primark. Trousers: charity shop. Top: charity shop. Brogues: H&M. Scarf: M&S. Bag: charity shop. Shell pendant: charity shop. Art deco flower braclet and ring: Dorothy Perkins. Multi colour ring: old.



  1. Pink Brogues!! Yay!
    Platform soles too (perfect for Autumn...and onto winter). That black sole means you can wear dark opaques and get loads of use out of these beauties.
    That Primark coat is a real find too....I love a bargain!
    Such a pretty and feminine look, Anna.
    Fake Fabulous

    1. Thanks Samantha. Am surprised how much I love these even though the ARE pink! I can't wait to see how they will fit in with my winter wardrobe. Your enthusiasm is infectious - thank you xx

  2. Pink brogues. Okay. You've got me. I'm hooked.

    1. Just another to add to my ever expanding brogue collection x


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