Crazy hair shots!

Today I am actually out swimming the Scilly Swim Challenge 2015, which some of you may be following on my blog. Yesterday we had a warm up swim (yes you may well laugh at the idea of the cold Atlantic ocean and our warm up swim) and were placed in our groups according to speed. I will be swimming in the slow group and may well have the honour of being the last woman out of the water at every stage. How many stages I manage is yet to be seen given that the first stage has been predicted to be the most challenging with head on winds creating lots of sea chop (prone to making me panic and breathless). On writing this I wonder what on earth got into me the day I signed up for this! However, here I am making the final preparations and wanting to keep you all informed. Kate and I will be on Bar Point beach, St Mary's at 8.15 this morning ready to give the swim our best shot. Wish us luck! In the meantime...

I promised you a few crazy hair shots the other day and here they are. Over the months since I launched my blog the wind has been a pretty constant factor governing our shoot location.  As you can see the island breeze is a challenge for Polly to contend with most days, but we do have a laugh along the way.  It's great fun to run a blog and as you can see I don't take myself too seriously. I hope these crazy hair photos brighten your day. Enjoy!



  1. Wild hair...I love it!
    It made me smile, I know how it feels (even with my crop)...weird "bits" sticking up in sudden gusts.
    Great, fun post.
    BTW....leopard oxfords?.....swoon....
    Fake Fabulous

    1. Samantha, so good to hear from you. I think bad hair days, windy hair days, whatever are great to keep the blog real and not pretend that I'm perfect. The shoes are about to come out again as like you, I feel the need for some lovely colourful tights as the temperature is starting to drop xxx


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