Purple Hobbs dress

The sun is getting lower in the sky, but our Indian summer continues and I'm making the most of it. Let's bin the beige and have fun with colour is my motto and today more than ever my look typifies this. For those who are regular followers, you will know that orange is a favourite colour of mine, but this marriage of orange and purple is just amazing - it's a real wake-up call for the eyeballs! I'm always trying out different styles and today's shift dress from Hobbs was in danger of being a bit safe, too conventional for my liking. However I think the injection of the orange accessories has done the trick. 

Hobbs is not one of my usual ports of call when I'm away shopping, but I was lucky enough to find the dress in one of my regular charity shops last year. It was in very good condition, pre-loved as they say and certainly cherished by the owner who had sent it to the dry cleaners before selling. When you consider how much that costs too, it's quite a generous act to make before you donate and send off to it's next life. Thank you to the lady in question, I do appreciate it and promise to love and care for the frock too.

My slouchy handbag was a gift from my friend Bo who lives in Portugal, and my sandals are from New Zealand, so I'm sporting a very international outfit today. My husband and I spent a month in NZ earlier this year travelling across the two islands by Camper van living the life of a couple of ageing hippies. We loved it. What an beautiful country! The driving was easy and the views were breathtaking. It seemed like every corner we took opened up into another fantastic vista, and at times we felt we could have been part of a film set. One day we were just driving along and came across this outlet village. I insisted we stop, even though my husband had no idea what an outlet village was. However, he was the more successful of the two of us that day with his finds of a soft cashmere sweater and some striped beach shorts. We walked the length of the village as I dodged into shop after shop trying to redress the balance - where were my goodies? The final shop was where I found these cute orange leather sandals. I liked the metal rings in the various shades of golds and could see they would be a very useful addition to my summer wardrobe. And now every time I wear them I am reminded of all of our happy memories of our wonderful holiday. 

Dress: Hobbs (charity shop). Bag: Portugal. Shoes: New Zealand. Necklace: old. Bracelets: charity shop. Brass bangle: Rose Cecil. Large and small orange rings: Sam Williams. Small multi col ring: old. Sunglasses: Quay Australia.



  1. Couldn't agree with you more, Anna about colour. I think as we travel deeper into Autumn and then the depths of Winter, colour becomes even more important. It certainly helps to lighten my mood! And hurrah for the Indian summer we're having. As always you have fabulous jewellery with your outfit and the colours of the purple and orange are fantastic together.

    1. Thanks for your lovely feedback. I've just brougt out some of my winter clothes and think there's too many dark colours in evidence - I might have to do something about that!


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