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This leather jacket is a dream of a fit and the softest of leather. I think the puff sleeves are a great homage to the eighties and the flat frill is a cute addition to what is a very feminine shape. I came across the jacket in a charity shop in Truro and was happy to pay £20 for something so original and also because it looked as if it was almost new. The jacket is satin lined, but is still very lightweight. 

And the harem pants. Well I've been hankering after a pair of these for months now. I saw a woman wearing a fantastic pair in the early part of the summer and I thought they were my ideal harem pants. They were that heavy duty linen that's also soft, but really substantial. Hers were a kind of lilac colour and I wished later that I'd just asked her where she got them. Anyway they've been on my mind for months, been my search item every time I've been idling away a spare ten minutes on eBay and still no success. Until my recent trip to the mainland.

I wasn't actually looking for harem pants as I went around town last week. I was on a shopping trip yes, but shopping on a budget is more about looking out for interesting pieces rather than the specifics which you might not be able to afford. For me I'd rather have holidays, meals out and treats than expensive clothes, but if I can find great clothes on a shoestring then it's a win, win situation. So after a good morning in the charity shops I headed off into TK Maxx where I'm often lucky in finding something quirky in the shoe department. This time I hit the jackpot with these amazing black harem pants which were just made to measure.

These are a very fine, drapey material, probably man made, but a perfect shape which hangs beautifully. All thoughts of bulky linen faded the minute I clapped eyes on them. The rivets and studs on the waist are actually poppers as the front is a belt that covers the entire front of the trousers and over the zip too. It neatens the waist making for a snug fit. And best of all they have pockets. That whole slouchy, relaxed look can only be achieved if you've got nice, deep pockets. I would never have found them if it wasn't for my friend Bo who showed me the ropes in that big shopping challenge known as TK Maxx. They were on the final clearance rack, marked as a size 16 and I would have passed right over them without her guidance.She taught me how to "do" TK after I told her I found it all a bit overwhelming - 
1 Pick up a trolley as you go in.
2 Put your coat and bag into trolley
3 Start at the front of the store and go through every rack and every size.
4 If you like the look of it (regardless of the size) put it in your trolley.
5 Finish with the shoes and don't try any on, just pop them in the trolley.
6 Hit the changing room.
7 Try on all of one group ie skirts, tops, dresses. Makes for easier and quicker undressing.
8 Once you've whittled it down to your chosen clothes, only then do you take the shoes in to try with them.
9 Finally be brutal with your decision making. Do you really love it? Does it make your heart skip a beat? Don't squander your cash on something that you quite like. Love it or leave it!

And so I've completed the look with this art inspired polo neck and my favourite silver brogues. 

The jewellery today is my Tiffany hearts necklace and two rings I scooped up in the charity shop fest. 

All in all, my mainland trip provided a great wardrobe boost and I hope will keep me and you inspired over the forthcoming months. I would love to hear your thoughts about any of today's pieces - if you're a fan of harem pants or silver brogues, or if you're not. Any feedback or comments, it would be great to hear from you!

Jacket: charity shop. Trousers: TK Maxx. Top: eBay. Shoes: Office. Tiffany silver necklace: charity shop. Rings: charity shop.

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  1. Perfect TKmaxx Tips....that is exactly what I do!
    Ignore all labels and just grab what I like, plus multiple "maybe"s. Lug it all in and have fun!

    What's not to love about this great outfit?
    Fabulous and funky top? Check.
    Statement Jacket, in exceptional quality, at bargain price? Check.
    Fun and casual trousers? Check.
    Funky, chunky rings? Check.
    Fantastic, metallic BROGUES? Triple Check!!
    Love Love Love
    Fake Fabulous

    1. Hey Samantha, isn't it great to come up trumps in TK Maxx? I love the assortment of styles on offer and you're right, you just have to have an open mind, and get stuck in to the fray. Glad you approve of this latest ensemble and yes, the metallic brogues just had to make another appearance! Thanks for the comments xxx

  2. Loving the TKMaxx tips. I shall have to adopt them myself as I'm always popping in there. What a find with that jacket. Wow, the design is so unusual.

    1. Someone stopped me on the street today to say they going to try out my TK tips, so good luck to you too. And, yes wasn't I lucky with that jacket! Great to hear from you again! xxx

  3. Thanks for the name check Anna! I can't wait for our next TK spree xx

  4. Anna, I've just discovered your blog via Red magazine - what a find! This 57-year-old charity shopaholic will be back!

    1. Hi Jayne, great to hear from you. So pleased you found that, and me. This is one of the best bits about running a fashion blog - the feedback and interaction is wonderful! I hope you enjoy trawling through my posts, and take a look at my non-fashion pages if you get a chance as it gives an all round view of my life.

  5. What a fabulous find! I love TK Max, mine is only round the corner to where I live which is dangerous. When I say I'm popping out for milk (super market next door to Max) I can disappear for ages ! A good idea to check the true label. TK Max are renowned for not using the correct hanger.
    Laurie x

    1. Oh, Laurie, I think I'd be bankrupt if I lived where you do! What a lot of temptation just to get a pint of milk. Golly you must have some wonderful finds. I'm not sure if my resolve would hold out on a daily basis x


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