Shopping, haircut and a fabulous fashionista!

What a bargain!

Eight new jackets - all stocked up for the season ahead.

Just a couple of pairs of shoes to keep me going...

And this is Denise, a fabulous fashionista I met whilst shopping.

Matthew takes a couple of snaps of his handiwork.

I recently had a little jaunt to the mainland which wouldn't be complete without a quick rush around the shops and a visit to the hairdresser. As you can see both of these were accomplished with great success and I even had the pleasure of meeting up with Denise when I was scouring the racks in TK Maxx. I complimented her on her great hat as we were standing side by side, and when she stepped back to speak to me I was bowled over by her fantastic outfit. Now this lady really does know how to put an outfit together! Denise went on to tell me that she wears the hat to protect her eyes as she has a severe degenerative condition affected by the light. When I complimented her on how wonderful she looked she told me she's 62 and says she wants to make an effort every day and how it's a shame that so many older women just can't be bothered. She wasn't sure about being photographed for my blog as she kept on repeating I'm 62, I'm 62. "So what?" I answered, "I'm 57 and clearly should be taking lessons from you." Denise dresses to please herself, and takes such pride in her clothes. She went on to tell me that the suit she was wearing belonged to her grandmother. What a wonderful lady. I hope that everyone she meets enjoys the effort she has taken just to pop out to her local shops. Well done Denise - what a pleasure it was to meet such a fabulous fashionista!



  1. Good hair, great haul! And Denise! Looking forward to the new season's looks.
    Big Sisx

    1. Yes. Not sure which is the best - the hair or the haul! Looking forward to mixing a few colourful combinations this winter. Great to hear from you xxx

  2. Wow Anna.... that is SERIOUS shopping!
    I love a rummage at TK's. I am looking forward to seeing what you pull together from this "little" (aka HUGE) bundle.
    Great new 'Do' too!
    Fake Fabulous

    1. Had great fun rummaging in about 12 charity shops as well as TK, but oh it was worth it. May be months til I get a sniff at a real shop again. Well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! Xxx

    2. Hello, Anna, it's Denise! Thank you so much for the lovely comments and photograph - what a boost! You are a super lady and I love your blog. Us older ladies still have style, still have chic and also have the confidence to do things our own way! A little bit of effort, a great deal of fun and a bit of confidence means we will never be invisible - come on ladies, knock them all dead!!! Let's hope we meet up again, Anna, it was a great pleasure to have met you. Best wishes Denise

    3. Great to have met you too Denise. I think you're doing a wonderful job showing the ladies of Truro how to step out in style. Keep doing what you're doing! Hope to meet you again sometime. You're an inspiration and a fabulous fashionista to boot! xxx


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